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House of Hackney Interior Style Inspiration

13th December 2018

British lifestyle brand, House of Hackney have been called ‘positive disruptors’ by the press. Since launching in 2011 they have achieved cult status within the interiors world.

Their range of home furnishings, fabrics, wallpapers, and accessories mix bold colours with daring prints. Their exuberance for all-out designs take inspiration from a broad range of sources. Here's how to re-create this look in your home.

House of Hackney

Interiors Inspiration

This maximalist style uses the grand, over-the-top nature of Victorian design with the quirky and eclectic atmosphere of urban landscapes. It fuses old and new whilst striking a balance that is at once trend-led and timeless. It's the ideal style for those wishing to make unique interiors with serious personality.

Here's how to take those elements and implement them in your interior.

William Morris Prints

The master of Arts & Crafts is undoubtedly William Morris. This style flourished from 1800 to the 1920s but continues to draw endless admirers.

Oversized, stylised Victorian prints in rich colours add drama to any room. Here's a few classic patterns that are still winning hearts today.

Large Leaf Prints

Dense foliage is a large design that brings the outside in whilst amplifying the effect. This outlandish, avant garde imagery introduces an exciting dimension to any room.

The penchant for tropical prints is well established in the interior design world. There's both modern classics and inspiring new designs. Here's some of the best around.

Moody Interiors

When it comes to colour opt for impact with romantic opulence. Dark backgrounds paired with jewel tones are ideal for moody interiors.

These hues are again a throwback to the Victorian era and are easily updated for contemporary homes.

Maximalist Interiors

Maximalism is all about more is more. It layers pattern on pattern, showcases eccentricities, and marries bold colours for a show-stopping finish.

There's strong tones with wonderfully excessive patterns, magnificent botanicals, and a taste of the exotic in wildlife and Chinoiserie chic. Here's more ways to introduce these powerful elements into your home.

(Inspiration collage credits: Severin Roesen - Victorian Bouquet - Google Art Project -  [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons. Morris Snakeshead printed textile: [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons.)


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