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The Latest Big Designs That Little Ones Will Love

16th October 2019

Children's interiors are important as kids spend a lot of time in their bedrooms; sleeping, playing and creating their very own imaginary worlds. As they get older and become teenagers, this time inevitably increases and therefore it should be a space that reflects their personalities. The latest kids wallpaper collections can do just that!

There are both classic designs that will take them from toddler to teen and more adventurous styles that will set your child's imaginations alight. All our children's wallpapers are wipeable to endure the wear and tear of boisterous playtime and chocolatey fingers. They will remain looking fabulous upon the walls for years to come.

Planning your child's room is an opportunity to let loose and experiment with interior styles, to create a space that is packed full of character and excitement for your little ones to enjoy. The inspiration behind these wallpapers prove they are just the ticket.

Children's Wallpaper by Hibou Home

Hibou are known for their kids wallpaper designs. Soft soothing colours and fun patterns are repeated around rooms for light-hearted whimsy and adorable spaces. Nature and folklore are the mainstays of these creations with subtle colour combinations that can be repeated throughout a room.

Scandinavian Designers Mini by Boråstapeter

One wallpaper; one thousand fairy tales. Showcasing the best of Scandinavian heritage, Boråstapeter has given wondrous imagination its rightful place: on the walls. This super stylish collection features fantastical patterns from some of Sweden’s most adored children’s artists. Beloved fairytale figures meet contemporary looks, resulting in lively wallpaper patterns that stimulate children’s creativity and imagination. Bring playfulness into your home and on to walls! 

Deauville 2 Wallpaper by Galerie Wallcoverings

Balmy beach days meet starry nights in this Marine themed collection by Galerie. Taking inspiration from Deauville town, a small French district on the coast, classic stripes sit alongside nautical blueprints, map co-ordinates, charming anchors, and pretty lighthouse scenes. Presented in calming airy tones, this collection provides the ideal papers for creating that charming first nursery, or a more sophisticated nautical look for your little sailors.  

The Tales Children's Collection by Coordonne

Taking inspiration from well-known fables, the Tales Collection uses a band of friendly animals to tell stories with an educational theme and moral lesson to be learnt. This cheerful troop will allow your children's imagination to set sail in a world of delight, surrounded by twinkling stars or bouncing bubbles as they float around the room. Delicate shapes and lively hues take you on a wondrous journey of innocence, fun and fantasy.

Children's Room Inspirations

If you are looking for a bit more inspiration we have lots of ideas to guide your room transformations. Read on for more of the perfect products to pick from and tips on how to easily recreate these looks in your home...

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