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The Trend to Snap-up This Summer: Lobsters

4th May 2021

Nautical interiors grow in popularity every summer but the latest interior design trend is all the more specific: lobsters! These colourful new designs have certainly captured our imaginations.

Traditionally, lobsters are symbols of luck, and having them in the home is meant to encourage success within one’s personal and professional life. Whether or not this is true, lobster motifs make pleasing works of art. These also translate to wonderful patterns and vibrant prints.

Though they may not be as classically beautiful as birds or butterflies, lobsters are still attractive motifs in their own right. Their rich red colour promotes connotations of warmth and summer. They also look fantastic in metallic shades for a glamorous touch, or in deep moody blues for a smart coastal vibe.

Take a look at the designs making the most of this stylish summer trend...

Lobster Art and Home Accessories

As interior design inspiration, lobsters can create incredibly detailed imagery. Likewise, their pinchers can make for a powerful focal point.

The versatility of this sea creature's reach is nothing less of surprising. Here's a few of our favourites which have embraced this new interior design trend.

Lobster Interior Design Trend

They also make for playful prints on wallpaper, fabric, and interior lighting. A feature wall or focal furniture holds these designs for extra impact.

Take the secondary colours of the pattern, the more demure tones, and continue them throughout the room. This creates a colour scheme that is balanced. It also helps the lobster design to pop as it catches the eye.

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