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Striking Multicoloured Sitting Room

23rd August 2021

This small sitting room combines antique furniture with modern style furniture and a bright, vibrant colour palette. A great example of why you should not be afraid to combine styles in your home as this is where you make your own mark and give it the true stamp of an eclectic interior.

Living Room Geometric Feature Wall

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Walls and Sofa

This Circus Wallpaper is a multicoloured geometric mural that instantly makes an impact as a striking feature wall.

A bespoke Ashurst Sofa can be made in Flanders duck egg blue linen fabric. The size of the sofa balances the room whilst the tranquil colour contrasts the feature wall.


A striking pink Pelham Cushion adds a pop of colour alongside a bespoke velvet cushion in turquoise.

Pattern and texture can be added using Pageant and Orlando on bespoke cushions in different sizes and shapes.

Accessories and Furniture

Babylon is a wonderfully versatile lamp that adds texture and height to the room. Pair it with a translucent shade or add a pop of colour to match those in the feature wall.

This modern Ashley Side Table is both practical, sleek and stylish and adds a minimalist feel and organic texture to the space.

This warm and cosy Tasara Woven throw adds yet more colour and a chunky textural weave to the sofa.

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