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Introducing: The New Martyn Lawrence Bullard Collaboration with Cole & Son

19th January 2018

Interior designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard has teamed up with illustrious wallpapers company, Cole & Son. The collaboration sees an eclectic collection that celebrates craftsmanship from around the world.

The Los Angeles based, English native is world renowned for his trade. He has a long list of celebrity clients under his belt as well as high-profile commercial ventures.

In 2010 Martyn Lawrence Bullard won the Andrew Martin International Designer of the Year Award. He's also written a best-selling book, Live, Love & Decorate. It documents Martyn Lawrence Bullard's past work, including his own home.

He has established himself and his style around Hollywood glamour with clear inspiration from more ethnic and exotic climbs. This signature is in full force for his Cole & Son project.

Martyn Lawrence Bullard Cole and Son

Martyn Lawrence Bullard Wallpaper Inspiration

It's clear from this collection that Martyn Lawrence Bullard is a world traveller. Designs have been drawn from historical properties in Morocco, Persia, and the mythical city of Zerzura.

His broad range of inspirations also reflect the style of the Hollywood hills and his British background. The vast landscape of these influences are then brought together through a contemporary colour palette. The tones are in turn muted and often aged giving extra depth to the designs.

The collection sees an array of wallpaper, panels, and boarders in elegant statement patterns. These include dense foliage, large designs, and intricate patterns. Martyn Lawrence Bullard has created contrast in their size with the intention that they can be used together.

Another of his trademarks is an ornate ceiling which these compositions are ideally suited to. The designs can be broken up by cornices and moulding, for example. Alternatively, they can add intrigue to an arched ceiling.

They were created with the express intention of making the most of each surface. They are meant to draw the eye, around and upward in wonderment.

"It’s about being given no boundaries to incorporate wallpaper not only on walls but also ceilings, furniture, lampshades, doorways and any other surface you desire. This collection has been created to be as individual as you are."

There's the decorative doorway panel inspired by Bahia Palace of Marrakesh. There's mosaic tilework wallpaper with the feel of real Moroccan ceramics. There's the iconic palms which immediately bring to mind Los Angeles drives. There's the marriage of British botanicals and faience tile mosaics. They are a reminder of the historical and continuing influence of Eastern patterns on Western motifs.

The decadence of this collection comes in the richness of its references. Plus, there's a palpable celebration of artisanry from across the world. What's left is the excitement in seeing how they will be used to create unique interiors.

Browse Our Martyn Lawrence Bullard Favourites...

This semi-plain floral trellis motif in stone grey is a charming alternative to classic neutrals. Jali takes its name from the ornamental, patterned stonework that adorns many temples and sacred buildings across Morocco. 

A classic design that provides an all over luscious density with its broad leaves spread across a crisp white backdrop. Inspired by graphic artist M.C. Escher’s tessellation prints, its a design that is both contemporary and traditional in style.

This pewter grey wallpaper has an elegant lustre, retaining the original subtlety of movement seen in embossed tiles. The aged effect gives life to each tile and adds a Persian warmth to wherever the design is placed. 

A cartouche of English trees is the focal point of this stunning patchwork surrounded by faience tile mosaics in blue and ochre yellow. It's highly decorative archways and intricate botanical tiles makes this design feel rich and regal.