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Matching Wallpaper and Fabric Inspiration

20th August 2021

A highly requested interior design look is matching wallpaper and fabric. This spans an abundance of tastes, home designs, and across the colour spectrum. As a result, brands are meeting this demand with aplomb. There's plenty of patterns, old and new, that have specifically been created to use together.

Here's who's making matching wallpaper and fabric designs, and the best patterns to use again and again.

The Brands Matching Fabric and Wallpaper Best

Christopher Farr

Christopher Farr Cloth draws inspiration from both past archival work by 20th century artists and current artists and designers they work with. Their collaborations have borne bold patterns and exciting colour combinations.

The use of these outstanding patterns across both furnishings and walls makes for show-stopping interiors. These looks can then be balanced by plain materials and paint in complementary colours.


Self-stylised eclectic designers, MINDTHEGAP use an array of influences to produce bold, eye-catching prints that are worth repeating. Their range also includes cushions and complementary artwork that make matching all the easier.

Their tropical designs and florals hit on the latest trends in a spectacular fashion. A feature wall can easily be created with their wallpaper. Likewise, a feature footstool or statement armchair is ideal for the fabric. Eclectic lovers can also go all-out and attain the coveted maximalist look with ease.


Quintessentially British brand, Sanderson create charming floral and woodland prints, alongside painterly pieces. They bring the outside in and celebrate nature.

A mixture of patterns continues these themes throughout a room. Use secondary colours from the main pattern to repeat in other furnishings and home accessories.

Kate Forman

The subtle soft tones of Kate Forman designs are ideal for country homes and vintage-inspired interiors. The English country linens work wonderfully as curtains, home accessories, or upholstery. Meanwhile, the wallpaper allows for an all-round design that won't overwhelm a room.

Pair these prints with bespoke lampshades and occasional chairs that bring a pop of colour. Then, antiques make the ideal finishing touches.


Traditional motifs are given a new lease of life by Thibaut in bold colours that pair perfectly with geometric fabric. Both the wallpaper and fabric have a versatility that can be used in eclectic or traditional interiors.

The trick here is to pick out colours and repeat them in different patterns and plain fabric. This effortlessly ties the room together without losing the impact of the focal pattern.

Barneby Gates

Barneby Gates take traditional ideas and update them with a whimsical twist. Their light-hearted designs lift a room with a playful use of pattern and colour.

These prints are not to be hidden with heavy furniture. Instead, opt for lighter furnishings that allow light and pattern through.

Cole & Son

Cole & Son wallpaper is long established, their fabric designs then arrived on the scene with their Icons Collection. These were explicitely created in order to match and complement their latest wallpaper line.

Colour matching makes for a strong and more masculine interior vibe. Alternatively, using a softer shade on the wallpaper and a richer shade on the furniture ties the room together without over-doing it.

Contrast these luxurious materials with textured plain fabric and metallic details for a welcoming space.

Anna French

Anna French began her career in the 1960s and has continued her signature use of small designs. These petite patterns are ideal for using alongside larger patterns and plains.

She also has delved into other inspirations from far-flung regions with clear Indienne and Chinoiserie influences. This mix makes for dynamic collections that remarkably stay true to her British country style.

Nina Campbell

Nina Campbell spans urban chic interiors and traditional homes with large stylised prints. There's charming duck egg blue floral patterns and there's more vibrant and modern motifs.

Use these patterns all-round a room and on accent furnishings that match the style of the print. Then, pair them with small designs in matching tones and block colour larger furniture. The result is a pleasing and balanced interior look.

Matthew Williamson

Striking colour combinations bring Matthew Williamson designs to life. Influences have been plucked from across the world to make unique offerings that instantly inspire wanderlust.

Once again, it's all about matching like with like. Vivid colours can stand against equally vivid hues with the same pattern. Whereas, pastels suit washed-out tones and aged furnishings. Either complementing or contrasting, the matching wallpaper and fabric becomes the focus.

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