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The History and Legacy of Morris & Co.

4th November 2021

One of the most enduring interiors brands is the Morris & Co. collections. Their long history and innovations continue to capture imaginations.

A key part of their legacy is due to William Morris, a highly influential figure of the Arts & Crafts Movement. He founded the company in 1861 with his associates under the name Morris, Marshall, Faulkner & Co. This decorating company made beautifully handcrafted products and furnishings.

In 1875, Morris then took control of the company and Morris & Co. was born. They became best-known for their wallpaper and fabric designs. This was in no small part due to Morris' reputation as a pattern maker.

In 1940 they went into liquidation but their archive was bought by another British heritage brand, Arthur Sanderson & Sons. These designs have been re-printed, re-imagined, re-coloured, and often built on and around ever since.

Morris & Co. Today

Matching wallpaper and fabric has become a staple of the Morris & Co. collections. Complementing designs are also a mainstay that allow beautiful rooms to be built around their iconic patterns.

They are the ideal way to stay true to beautiful architecture in historical homes. The new colours have also offered the opportunity to introduce them into more modern spaces.

The Arts & Crafts look has also seen a resurgence in recent years making it a stylish addition to interiors. See the latest Morris & Co. collections and fall in love with these timeless styles.

Our Favourite Morris & Co. Fabric and Wallpaper Collections

A carefully chosen edit of signature fabrics and wallpapers that have been expertly recoloured into a fresh new palette with clean grounds and vibrant motifs. Neither maximalist nor minimalist, its position is softer and more genteel.

This bold collection sees a collaboration with acclaimed interior designer, Ben Pentreath. Classic designs are seen in vibrant turquoise, tomato red, and olive green. There's also a chocolate and cream neutral alternative.

Stunning and sumptuously soft cotton velvet fabrics that have been inspired by Morris' early influences from his time in France. The rich colours of this collection lend themselves perfectly to luxurious upholstery and curtains.

May Morris, the daughter of William, gained a reputation for her embroidered fabrics. Designs have been faithfully re-imagined in homage to her personal influence and include beautiful embroideries and prints.

Wonderfully intricate Morris designs have been recreated in neutral colours to suit homes of every era. These beautiful fabric and wallpaper patterns can be update a period property or add to a modern look.

William Morris created these wallpaper and fabric designs from inspirational carpets and materials taken from the East. They are complemented by equally exotic designs found in Country homes including Standen House and Wightwick Manor.

This fabric and wallpaper collection was created from archival documents from 1870 to World War I. Beautiful patterns make timeless statement pieces, on sofas or feature walls and two-tone prints are perfect throughout a room.

These wallpapers and fabrics are made using innovative printing techniques to recreate classic designs. They are the perfect way to update a country home whilst staying true to the original architecture and feel of the property.

Woven fabric, prints, and wallpaper designs have been inspired by William Morris' best known works. There are re-interpretations of originals that are synonymous with the designer. There's also new designs inspired by them.

This fabric and wallpaper collection has been created from documents in the William Morris archive. Chosen to appeal to the Arts & Crafts revival, it's full of earthy tones and bold designs are to match more modern sensibilities.

Our Favourite Morris & Co. Fabric and Wallpaper Designs

This popular pattern was created by designer Alison Gee and inspired by medieval tapestries. The tranquil scene of deers grazing and beautiful assortment of trees creates an enchanting large print.

One of the most requsted patterns is this forest scene on a sumptuous velvet fabric. The deep tones create moody furniture and interiors in a brilliantly done, traditional British style.

Acanthus leaves have become an iconic William Morris wallpaper pattern. The sweeping, scrolling design is incredibly versatile for use anywhere in a home. It's also ideal for a feature wall in modern homes.

A classic William Morris design that's in demand year after year which has created even more choice. There's this quintessential blue cotton, velvets and wallpaper in a range of colours.

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