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Morris & Co. - The Archive IV Collectors Volume

5th April 2018

The latest collections from Morris & Co. are inspired by William Morris' desire for understanding the craftsmanship of the past. This fascination is mixed with his admiration for the artistic magnificence of the East. Their studio has explored the influences that these passions had on his work...

Starting as early as the 1860s, Morris' collection was plentiful, and he soon became a respected authority within the field. This has provided an abundance of designs for his former company and current designers, Morris & Co., to draw from.

The fourth volume of the outstandingly successful Archive series has wallpaper and fabric designs that draw influence from hand-knotted Persian carpets. There's also many other Eastern textiles that were found in past William Morris works.

The Archive IV collection features both woven and printed fabrics, and complementary wallpaper designs that have drawn inspiration from Morris' well-loved pieces.

I saw yesterday a piece of ancient Persian, time of Shah Abbas (our Elizabeth’s time), that fairly threw me on my back: I had no idea that such wonders could be done in carpets…

William Morris

The Morris and Co. Studio has maintained the softer natural tones that were achieved through using vegetable dyes. These hues stay true to the Persian grandeur of the past and the designs that inspired the original works.

Morris and Co

Both the wallpaper and fabric patterns are medium to large-scale and feature plants, flowers, and delicate animals. These motifs, again, give a nod to the past as they can be seen in almost all traditional carpet designs. This imagery then vividly repeats over each material.

Our Favourite Matching Designs

Acanthus leaves provide one of William Morris’ most iconic patterns. They marked the beginning of a period in which he created large-scale designs for wallpaper. With complex layering and vigorous curves, the scrolling acanthus foliage produces a three-dimensional effect.

The original pattern was designed by Morris for a Wilton carpet. The specially designed border has now been incorporated into the current fabric design. It would have been a separate piece which was attached to finish the edge of any size of room.

First produced in 1884, this design features a striped meandering diagonal branch from which various flowers emanate. The original printed design was achieved by block printing and existed as either a two colour or multi-coloured version.

Inspired by a carpet hand-woven at Merton Abbey and exhibited by Morris & Co. at the 1893 Arts and Crafts Society exhibition. This original design probably came from the enormous Persian original hung by Morris in his dining room at Kelmscott House.

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(Image from William Morris Fan Club.)