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Is Mural Wallpaper the Way Forward for Modern Interiors?

15th March 2019

The popularity of mural wallpaper is growing and not just because they make for stunning feature walls. They are cost effective, kinder to the environment, and easy to hang! We’ve put together a simple guide on how to order your mural wallpaper to create a statement in your home.

Custom Wall Murals

All F&P Interiors wall murals can be made to size so they fit your interior perfectly. Simply measure the width and height of the wall or walls you wish to cover and send over your measurements.

It doesn’t matter if you have sloped ceilings or a fireplace in the way. This can all be dealt with by the design team. After sending your measurements you will receive an email with a mock-up of your design.

Mural Wallpaper
Mural Wallpaper

Murals Are Cost Effective

Our custom mural wallpaper typically ranges from £33-45 per square metre. As they are printed to your exact size requirements, you have no wastage. You are simply paying for the exact coverage you need.

Eco-Friendly Interior Design

Another benefit of having your custom wall mural printed to size is that it creates much less waste. This makes it kinder to the environment.

Hanging Mural Wallpaper is Easy

Considering mural wallpapers create beautifully detailed feature walls, they are surprisingly easy to hang. They are printed on a roll of wallpaper typically 45 cms – 50 cms wide. They are also paste the wall wallpaper. Each drop (where you cut) will be clearly marked so your pattern will match perfectly.

Top Tip: Preparing the Walls for Murals

We would advise to cross-line the walls with a lining paper before you hang your wall panels. This helps to create a smoother finish.

Additionally, if your feature wall wallpaper is particularly rich in colour we recommend using a similar tone of paint around the edges of your wall. This includes where the joins will be. It eliminates the visibility of white from the lining paper or base wall colour.

Create Show-stopping Interiors

The choice is endless when it comes to mural wallpaper. Our extensive range of designs include world maps, floral wallpaper, scenery wallpaper, large geometrics, and kids wall murals.

We can also print custom murals. Have your photos or artwork brought to life for a truly unique addition to your home or work space.

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