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Nautical Interiors for Summer

17th May 2021

Nautical interiors are inspired by sailors, ships, and navigation. They evoke memories of the seaside and daring voyages.

The right interior design ideas can work this theme into a vintage look or a more contemporary finish for your home. There's classic designs but also plenty of new collections reinterpreting motifs for a new generation.

There's traditional stripes, crashing waves, yachts, and kitsch prints of maritime icons. These are the most popular luxury wallpaper and fabric designs when trying to create a nautical look. 

Traditional and Contemporary Nautical Designs

Striped wallpaper and fabric makes the perfect base for a nautical look. There's both smart prints and experimental designs.

There's also contemporary, minimal prints that are suited to modern spaces. They add a subtle interest to walls or soft furnishings.

Either way, blue is an instant short-hand for nautical interiors. These styles also work wonderfully in shared spaces for a clean finish.

Nautical Icons

Kitsch prints inspired by iconic nautical images are incredibly popular, they add a real element of fun and charm to a room. These can include flags, knots, compasses, and anchors.

Painterly Nautical Designs

Painterly designs that capture and romanticise life at sea are also popular. They bring a softer element to nautical style.

Nautical Designs for Little Ones

The excitement and adventure of the ocean will ignite the imaginations of toddlers and children of all ages. Bold prints and vibrant colours are particularly appealing and will inspire any budding explorer.


The high seas aren't for everyone but there's plenty of other nautical stuff to choose from. You can indulge your love of marine life or add an element of seaside charm to your home, ocean or beach themed designs.

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