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The Most Beautiful Neutral Bedroom Ideas

17th May 2021

If you are looking to create a calm and inviting bedroom to relax in, then choosing a neutral colour palette will help you achieve this. Your very own sanctuary to retreat to after a busy day, neutral bedrooms are often well balanced spaces that feel peaceful and rested. Packed full of character and texture, we’re chosen our favourite neutral bedroom ideas to inspire your interior design.

Decorating a Neutral Bedroom

Neutral interiors offer soft and soothing hues that are perfect for making a serene and tranquil bedroom. This versatile colour scheme can complement a variety of room sizes and styles. This includes contemporary, urban chic, and country cottage interiors in particular.

Decorating with neutrals is also a great way to emphasise shape. This is because strong colours aren't competing for your attention.

A neutral colour scheme allows for the beautiful lines, curves, and angles of furnishings to be brought to the forefront of a room. Shapely headboards, upholstered occasional chairs and statement lampshades will add personality and structure to your bedroom. Their neutral appearance also makes them a versatile investment.

It is key to think about neutrals as being a spectrum of different tones and hues rather than a singular colour. With such a variety of neutral paint colours, neutral wallpapers, and neutral fabrics to choose from, it is important to inject some diversity into your scheme. This will help you to avoid a flat and bland finish.

Follow our most popular neutral styling techniques below to create a beautiful neutral bedroom that can work for all ages…

Neutral Paint

Neutral Bedroom Decor
Neutral Bedroom Decor

Choosing a neutral paint colour is a simple and relatively fast way to transform your room. It provides the perfect canvas on which to build a beautiful neutral bedroom. It acts as the ideal base to showcase artwork and well-loved decorations.

It is crucial that you choose the appropriate colours for the space you are decorating. If your bedroom has plenty of natural light, then you have the whole neutral colour spectrum to choose from. If your room is smaller or has limited access to natural light, however, paler neutral tones will help to brighten it up. This will make the space feel larger.

Darker neutrals are perfect for creating a cosy and intimate feeling in a room. Yet, these moody hues need to be balanced with good lighting to avoid it looking too dark.

In addition, neutral tones generally fall into two categories: warm and cool. Warmer neutral colours have undertones of red, orange or yellow. Whereas, cooler neutral tones are created with green and blue undertones. Depending on what else is part of your bedroom scheme, you should select a complementary paint colour that shares the same tones.

Neutral stripes are a great way to add pattern to a room without it being too overbearing. Currently one of the trendiest nursery styles, stripes can be featured with wallpaper, fabric or by painting the walls with a neutral paint.

Wider stripes, on the other hand, suit a younger more modern look. This is especially true when they are paired with crisp white. Create a feature using neutral striped wallpaper or add a bold rug to stand centre stage. Pair with funky geometric fabric and add small personal touches for bursts of colour.

Thinner stripes look more traditional and mature. Select striped fabric with a more muted contrast such as soft greys or creams. Add variety by mixing various striped fabrics with plain fabric in the same colour. Do this across curtains and soft furnishings then complete the look with an upholstered headboard in vertical stripes.

Mixing metallics into your scheme will add a touch of glamour or a sprinkle of magic to a neutral bedroom. Soft golds, pearly creams, and shimmering silvers will all work to reflect light around your room . They also add texture and pattern to an interior design.

When using metallics in a children’s room, keep it subtle by adding a glimmer here and there. Children’s metallic wallpaper is a good option as it creates gazing spots on the walls. It also allows for more natural fabrics to be used on bedding and accessories.

For a more sophisticated bedroom choose fabric such as velvet and silk for added shimmer. Feature them across the room as curtains, cushions, a headboard and add lighting to maximise their impact. Remember that it is important to strike a balance so layer in plain, more matt fabrics. These can include natural linens or cotton to add contrast. Continue the scheme on the walls with a neutral eggshell paint.

Metallic wallpaper create stylish feature walls and look great hung behind the bed. Use plain bedding to tone things down and choose minimalist matt accessories to ensure your feature wall remains the feature.

Adding texture to your neutral bedroom will stop it looking flat and will add an extra dimension to the scheme. Neutral textured wallpaper and wall art can create an eye catching feature wall that offers tactile and visual stimulation. With such variety on offer, you can choose a design to suit the room and its occupant, whatever their age.

Dress the bed with an array of neutral fabrics. Again, linen, and even wool, create contrast. Harmonise colours to produce tone on tone finishes that enhance the use of different surfaces. Tactile cushions and cosy throws will add practical comfort. They can then be personalised with complementary trimmings to create unique items that can be treasured for years to come.

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