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How to Style Neutral Colours in Your Interior

1st May 2019

Neutral interior design has become synonymous with contemporary architecture, Scandinavian style, and Urban Chic. This clean, monochrome base offers the opportunity to make your mark in the details.

Personalisation comes in pops of colour, natural materials, and a tactile array of textures. It is classic, minimal, and ideal for lovers of art, home accessories, and greenery.

All these elements have been growing in popularity over the last few years. Here's how to hit on the trend of neutral interior design.

Neutral Interior Design


Pale grey, cream, or beige.

Neutral Interior Design Is Ideal For...

Neutral designs are the foundations of a strong interior. They are arguably the most versatile colour scheme you could select. Stealing the show is not the intention, it is a blank canvas upon which to build and showcase more bold pieces.

The natural connotations to these base colours alleviate pressure and diffuse stress, providing restoration and balance for the mind. They create a safe atmosphere which provides a soothing sense of sanctuary. 

It is ideal for every interior! It is such a comforting and tranquil colour scheme, no matter the location, purpose or use of the room. It's also the perfect clean slate to stamp your personality onto.

Here's how to create a neutral interior design scheme in your home.

Neutral Paint Ideas

There are several reasons for people steering clear of neutral paint colors in the past. They were seen as cold, clinical, and difficult to maintain.

Now, however, there's more choice than ever. This includes the range of tones you can pick from. Specifically, warm neutral colours are in high demand.

This can cut-back on the stark contrast between a white interior and bold decorations. It can instead quickly add depth to a room. Finally, it's more cheerful, especially in dreary climates.

If you have less room for decorations in a room (like a kitchen or small bathroom) then these qualities can be vital. (A good way to convince the neutral-sceptic in your life.)

Now, there's also a lot more finishes available. There's glossy and matte; emulsion and flat; floor and outdoor. The key is to pick a neutral paint, order a sample, and try it for yourself.

Neutral Wallpaper Ideas

Neutral wallpaper works wonderfully whether it's plain or patterned. A grey wallpaper, for example, can be paired with a practically any pattern or other colour. This makes them the ideal partners for a feature wall or playing with perspective in a room with abnormal angles.

Whereas, checks, tartan or striped neutral wallpaper make for understated, classic patterns. These suit a traditional home or lift darker and smaller spaces.

It also allows for the use of bigger patterns as neutral colours are more subtle. A large floral print, for example, can remain elegant when it's in muted hues.

If large designs are too much for you or the space, use them on one feature wall. Then match the paint with the ground colour of the design. This can make a space look bigger when used on a windowless wall or the wall furthest from the door. Alternatively, use it behind seating or beds so it's a design feature rather than a focal point.

Finally, pair neutral wallpaper with texture to add interest, cosiness and flare. Velvet fabric instantly introduces sumptuous comfort to any space.

Neutral Upholstery Ideas

Neutral upholstery fabric gets a bad rap as it's assumed that they are easily tarnished. The new technology used in performance fabric, however, means that materials can keep up with your life.

Plain neutral fabric can be used on large furniture like a sofa. This allows more pattern and colour to be used elsewhere in the room. This may include on walls, other furnishings or decorations.

Otherwise, new production methods mean there's even more styles to get excited about. There's stylish geometric prints, textured weave fabric, and luxurious patterned velvet.

These can be added as a singular central pattern in a room. Alternatively, they can be mixed together to fit a modern country home.

To achieve an urban chic interior, on the other hand, use a plain fabric or a simple pattern on one piece of furniture. Then add texture and pattern round it.

A quick and easy way to do this is through cushions and throws. This creates a welcoming, comfortable, and stylish space.

Another way is to continue a neutral interior scheme in statement lighting with bespoke lampshades. This way, you can have a perfect pairing made unique to you.

Neutral Curtain Ideas

Neutral curtain fabric instantly adds simple elegance to an interior. They are an easy way to lift a room.

Neutrals open the space and make it appear bigger, particularly useful if there's small or narrow windows. This is also true with neutral fabric on roman blinds or roller blinds.

Whereas, full-length curtains add a flowing romance to a space. This is particularly true when using sheer fabric.

They are likewise a wonderful addition when patterned. A muted print brings added intrigue to your interior design. It can then be repeated on other surfaces like cushions. This immediately ties a room together and creates balance.

Any and all of these uses are suited to a coastal interior. It can be seen in a light and bright print fabric or an uncomplicated weave.

The versatility of neutrals, however, is part of their appeal and the ways they can be used are endless. Let your interior design scheme lead you to your perfect neutral colours and products.