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Home Office Ideas You'll Love Going to Work For

22nd March 2021

A dedicated work space in your home will help you to set aside household distractions and focus on your tasks at hand. And with flexible working styles becoming the ‘new normal’ for many, we are seeing more and more customers asking us how they can create inspiring working set-ups in their homes.

Whether you have an dedicated room to decorate or are working out how to transform that cosy nook into a functional area to work, we have collected our favourite inspirational office designs and the products you will need to create a space that will actually make you want to sit down and complete your to-do list…

Office Wallpaper Ideas

Patterns help to inspire the mind so if your work requires a creative approach, then adding a feature wallpaper is a simple way to transform your home office and inject some much needed movement onto your walls.

Stick to lighter, low contrast colours so that your chosen design doesn’t over stimulate and select medium scale designs to ensure that the motif doesn't overpower your space. Symmetrical geometric and trellis wallpapers have been found to calm the mind, offering a predictability which aids concentration. Other popular choices include floral designs, bird print wallpapers and leaf and tree designs as they help to boost wellbeing by creating a sense of being out in nature.

Creative Mural Wallpapers

Bespoke murals can be printed to your wall dimensions, providing a wonderful solution decorating an awkward space or small office. With an endless range of designs to choose from, you can completely transform your space and create a room that transports you to another world and makes it feel bigger as a result.

Whether you want to personalise home office space to reflect your career, or you have a favourite hobby or passion that would inspire you as your work, your home office is the perfect space to express your personality and creativity.

Wall Paint for Your Study

Colours have a huge influence on how we feel and painting your walls can instantly transform the atmosphere of a room. With a rainbow of options to choose from, there are some key colours that better suit a creative space in which to work.

Perhaps because it is the colour of both the sky and the sea, blue tones are stable and are known for creating an immediately calming environment. They help to focus the mind and said to help evoke clarity and intuition. Green on the other hand is an energetic colour with very positive properties. A symbol of rejuvenation and growth, it is said to nurture a sense of safety and security that helps people feel more confident and in control.

It is also important to consider how bright your home office is when choosing your paint as adding bold colours to your walls can cause dark shadows in the areas where light doesn't reach. A lack of light can cause you to strain your eyes and will make you feel more tired when working from home, so people commonly opt for a bright white or neutral paint in darker rooms to maximise the light and create a space that feels bright and airy.

Office Lighting

Another way to solve a lack of light around your desk is to add table lamp or wall lights to illuminate your work space. From sleek metallic modern pieces to colourful ceramics and natural wooden bases, our range of luxury lighting has options to suit all styles of home.

If you have space in your home office, creating a reading corner that is away from your main desk has been found to help with creative thinking and effectiveness. The simple change of environment (sometimes as small as 1 metre away) can offer that distance from your primary place of work, to think more openly and innovatively about tasks. A comfortable armchair and floor lamp is all you need to transform a cosy nook into a fully functioning ideas-hub that will help you find those solutions and boost your imagination.

Add Plants and Foliage

Numerous scientific studies have proven the positives of having more greenery in your workspace. Our innate desire to be connected with nature, which scientists call ‘biophilia’, is all too often ignored in the spaces we tend to spend most of our day.

However, investing in a single indoor plant has been found to dramatically reduce your stress levels and improve your sense of wellbeing. As well as acting as a natural purifiers of the air your breath, a study by the Agricultural University of Norway found that the introduction of plants into office space was linked to a 25% decrease in symptoms of ill health. From simple succulents to large statement pieces, our 10 Beautiful Ways to Decorate with House Plants feature will guide you to choosing the right plants for your home.

Home Office Accessories

Seeing that many of us spend a significant proportion of our day at work, we might as well make it as comfortable as we can.

Investing in a good office chair is key to maintaining good posture, however our range of comfortable cushions can act as an extra back support if you find that you naturally slouch as the day goes on.

Cosy throws are also great investment pieces as they can be taken to be used across the home.

Being cold at work has been found to be one of the biggest hindrances to an employee working to their best ability, plus now that zoom video meetings will be your continued norm, no one will see your favourite blanket wrapped around your legs during that morning briefing.

From lighter linens to warmer wools, our range of luxury throws are also another great way to add some much needed colour to your home.

Another way to boost your sense of wellbeing at work it to surround yourself with interesting artwork and photos of your favourite people. Those momentary glances away from your screen to look at them are often unconscious, however they give you small boosts of serotonin.

A more flexible alternative to paint or wallpaper for adding interest to your walls, artwork can be changed up throughout the year to create a completely new look as and when you like.

Bespoke Pieces to Fit Your Home

Our range of custom made window treatments and bespoke furniture pieces will help you to create a dream home office that you will enjoy long into the future. Skilfully handmade by our craftsmen and women here in Sussex, our bespoke pieces are built to the highest standard and will last you a lifetime.

Individually created with your home in mind to ensure that they fit your windows perfectly, our custom curtains and roman blinds can be made in the fabrics you love. Interlined to block harsh sunlight from streaming through the windows, made to measure drapes and blinds will not leave any gaps around the frame to give you complete control as the light changes throughout the day.

For those looking for larger items like sofas and chairs, our luxury furniture range can be upholstered in your favourite fabrics and are fully customisable with trimmings and finishing details. We make designing beautiful made to order pieces a simple and enjoyable process and our team are always here to help you create something beautifully unique for your home office.

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