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Orange and Turquoise Dramatic Living Room

23rd August 2017

These dramatic curtains, with the dragon design in mixes of orange and red and turquoise, create a striking backdrop to this stylish living room. Crammed full of pattern and detail, you can't help but sit and wonder of the stories that are told from within the fabrics.

Orange and Turquoise Living Room

Curtains & Upholstery

A clash of fabrics that share the chocolate browns and rich oranges form the central feature of the room in Enter the Dragons and Chinese Steps.

Placing them at different heights allows them to sit comfortably together in the foreground and as a backdrop.

Add a Sultan tribal rug for more pattern and depth of colour. Be sure to choose one that shares the colours that run though the other fabrics to tie in with the scheme.

Furniture, Cushions and Lamps

Choose furniture with a strong silhouette, like this Lewes Chair, as this will add drama and style to your interior when placed facing one another. This symmetry is continued with the floor length curtains hanging side by side, maximising this impact.

Balance a bold scheme further by using plain fabric or block colour soft furnishings like these Bespoke Velvet Cushions.

Added splashes of bold colour provides a unity to the room. Investing in a stunning lamp, like Mallory, will allow the piece to add light as well act as a piece of art for your room.