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Pantone Colour of The Year 2022: Very Peri Interiors

6th January 2022

Encompassing the gratuitous qualities of blue whilst also possessing a violet-red undertone, PANTONE 17-3938 Very Peri has been announced as 2022 colour of the year. A fun and dynamic colour that encourages courageous creativity, Pantone has executed a company first by creating this hue completely from scratch, instead of choosing from its existing range of colours as has been customary in previous years.

Very Peri was created by Pantone with a dream to open a door into the futuristic, virtual world that lays before us. However, at F&P Interiors this striking colour has further enhanced our love for nature and the surprisingly vibrant colours that can be found within it; think iris flowers, Iolite gemstones and the vibrant wings of a butterfly that shimmers as it dances through a meadow. Veri peri is a powerful colour that translates wonderfully into home interiors so read on to discover our favourite fabics and wallpapers and how you can best style them in your home…

Styling Very Peri Wallpaper:

Very Peri is a powerful colour that will command control of the room, therefore making it a really magnificent colour to use as a statement feature wallpaper. Mixing the stability and grounding nature of blue with the fearlessness of the bold red-violet undertones, it's best to balance the intensity of the purple with white to create some neutral space around such a big surface area.

This can be created through using plain white fabric on your curtains or upholstery, or by adding white paintwork to your skirting and doors. Another option is to choose a design like this Lloseta Wallpaper to instantly create this neutrality as it features both the punchy purple and the calming white within its stylish ikat design.

Styling Very Peri Fabrics:

When looking for fabrics that feature Pantones’ brand new Very Peri colour in them, you will notice a wide variety of florals and natural world prints to choose from. As we mentioned above, this is one of the reasons why we love this vibrant hue as it translates so beautifully into fabric designs that can be used all across the home. Bolder patterns like this wild and wonderful Cheetah fabric or designs that feature a lot of of purple in them look best in moderation so think about incorporating them into your scheme as cushions, a bespoke lampshade or a statement armchair or footstool.

More lightweight designs that have a greater balance of colour are better suited to larger areas of your room such as on a bedroom headboard or as full length curtains. Injecting a romanticism into your scheme, if you wish to create a softer, more elegant look, we would recommend choosing natural yarns such as linens or cottons to accentuate that feeling of nature within your home.

Our Favourite Look: Pairing Very Peri with Yellow

Pairing yellow and purple to create a colour rich interior scheme would be our go to look when it comes to featuring Very Peri in your home. Mixing the warmth of the yellow with its colour wheel opponent provides the perfect partnership that see’s each working to moderate the other, as seen in the beautiful Rain Forest Fabric.

Once again, adding neutrality through the white background, it helps to frame the climbing branches, broad veined leaves and colourful exotic birds that perch within the Very Peri blooms. Beautiful when made into full length curtains, this design would also work really well as a bespoke roman blind or as a statement armchair or sofa if your room can take it.

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