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Vibrant Scheme Featuring the Fabulous Magnolia Linen

21st October 2020

F&P Interiors Director, Emma creates a stylish living room scheme around the stunning Magnolia Fabric by GP & J Baker. Full of colour and pattern, this design claims centre stage within the room as a statement sofa or armchair. Around this floral print, Emma pulls in a combination of patterned upholstery fabrics and colourful velvets and linens, mixing pattern, texture and colour to create a scheme that is full of vibrancy and cheer.

Get the Look

Walls and Curtains

This Sandstone Paint picks up the creamy tones in the Magnolia fabric and provides a neutral base on which to build. However if your room can take it, this Pink Slip Paint would look fabulous on your walls.

Qazah Curtain Fabric is a stylish stripe woven in silky threads for a touch of luxury for your windows. Eye-catching yet slightly more muted, the tones of this fabric would make a statement pair full length curtains for the room.

The orange stripe is key to tying this fabric into the rest of the scheme. You could also use it to create a matching cushion if you wished.

Upholstery Fabrics

The stunning Magnolia Fabric by GP & J Baker will sit centre stage within the room on the sofa. Its mixture of pattern and colour is a great base for creating your scheme around.

Tunis is both stylish and durable so perfect for a statement armchair. Small flecks of gold give it that extra designer flair and its open colourful weave gives it a rich, chunky finish full of texture.

This elegant cut velvet features colourful blocks of fluid pattern. A lovely upholstery fabric with lots of texture, Marica's all over pattern would look stunning on a statement footstool.

Lamps and Lampshades

A couple of Avebury table lamps in the room will add style as well as sunshine.

Adding the fun Asian Circus lampshade will add a bit of fun and a great talking point, but also really stylish with the gold interior. 

Another favourite fabric, the Vibe upholstery fabric in Aztec, adds yet another dimension to the room.  Use this on a small side chair, or club fender at the fireplace. You could even add to the mix of cushions.

Bespoke Cushions

Mixing this printed Himani Fabric with complementary plain velvets in yellows and reds will add texture to your sofa. The plains will help to break up the pattern and add balance to the overall look.

Add additional textures by matching fabrics to colours found in the Magnolia Fabric. This Lustre Fabric in Huntsman green adds a new surface texture and the colour ties in beautifully.

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