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Embracing Colour: Pink and Orange Decorating Ideas

8th January 2021

As pink and orange sit so near each other on the colour wheel, they are not often thought of as an obvious colour combination, but how wrong this is! These vibrant and energetic tones look absolutely great when styled together and many design houses are creating stunning fabrics and wallpapers that feature both colours in the same design.

A surprisingly versatile partnership, pink and orange can be styled together to create a variety of interior styles. From the hot fuchsia and zesty oranges of contemporary Miami boutiques, to the more subtle floral tones of an English country garden, this pairing is one we love and we think you will do too...

Large Scale Designs

Being two of the fiercest colours on the spectrum, pink and orange demand drama in a room. Choosing a large design will create a stage on which the scale of the pattern can perform. Utilise the strength of both colour tones by featuring hot pinks, tangerine orange and warm corals to give you maximum intensity and contrast across your scheme. Large scale designs work particularly well on statement upholstered furniture and on feature walls.

Pink and Orange Paint

Wall paint is a great way to inject bold colours into your home and choosing to combine pink and orange will certaintly do just that. To pick shades that will completement one another, take inspiration from a favourite fabric or wallpaper that features both. You can then also feature this in your room as a ready made addition to your scheme that will emphasise this stylish colour combination you have chosen to embrace.

To ensure that your paintwork is not overpowering, add a lighter colour into your scheme on your walls or through soft furnishings. Crisp white bedding will create a block of neutral space within your bedroom to break up the intensitiy of the walls or choose to feature a softer shade of either pink or orange alongside a bolder shade of the other to strike a balance.

Understated Pink and Orange Designs

If you love this fearless combination but prefer a more subtle approach to decorating, or have a more traditional feel to your home, there are lots of designs that combine both colours in an understated way. Floral and leaf patterns are a great choice as their delicate forms create designs that feel gentle and lightweight. The fact that oranges and pinks are so often found in nature also gives a more authentic feel to this colour pairing.

Choosing an embroidered curtain fabric or a substantial jacquard or weave for your upholstery will help your room feel smart, tailored and more traditional. Completmentary trimmings can also be used to accentuated your colour scheme further and will add those all imporant finishing touches to your home.

Pink and Orange Home Accessories

Designing your room around a particular home accessory can be a great way to create a space that looks stylish and well put together. It also provides you with a ready made pallete on which to build your colour scheme around. This modern rug features a beautiful shade of berry pink and a rich sunset orange which captures the attention of the room. These colours are then repeated in the floral fabric cushions and personal home accessories and artwork.

If you are finding it difficult to buy off the shelf items that match the colours of your scheme, our bespoke cushions, curtains and blinds can be made from any of our amny patterned and plain fabrics in the colours that you need. Handmade to perfectly fit your home and pesonalised to your own individual style.

Pink and Orange Geometrics

Bold geometric fabrics and wallpapers look fantastic in a contemporary setting. Creating an instant impact within a room, these graphic fabrics and wallpapers bring an energy to the space that feels ultra-modern and fresh. The combination of pink and orange works perfectly with a geometric pattern and both elements of the design are strong and dynamic. Marrying beautifully together to form the ultimate attention grabbing print, they will certaintly add a designer wow factor to your home.

Styling Pink and Orange with Green

Our predicted colour trend of 2021, green is a popular year round colour and a wonderful accompanyment to pink and orange. Sitting opposite them on the colour wheel, its darker, fuller tones are strong enough to hold their own against the brazen warmth of this powerful partnership.

Again, looking to nature for inspiration, think burnt oranges at sunset and deep fruity pinks that have an earthy richness to them. Often seen featured together in busy fabrics that include duck egg blues for added contast, this combination of warm and cool strikes the perfect balance when styled together in a room.

Embrace Pink and Orange

When fully embraced pink and orange can create a powerful scheme that instantly evokes an energy and vitality within your home. As we have seen, it is sometimes the most unlikely of combinations that work well together, but to achieve jaw-dropping results such as this, you have to fully commit yourself to the union of these two colours. However you choose to incorporate pink and orange into your home, it is a fantastic colour combination that transcends the seasons and will brighten up your interiors year round.