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F&P Re-upholstery Service

Our re-upholstery service will restore and revive your favourite pieces of furniture to their former glory.  Once you have chosen from the 1000’s of designer upholstery fabrics on our site, our expert craftsmen will collect your furniture,  strip it right back to the frame, tighten it, replace or readjust the springs as necessary and restuff and reshape the insides.

 Your piece will then be returned to you with a new lease of life, lovingly re-upholstered to create a unique piece with many more years of enjoyment.  Feel free to contact our design team for a quote or for further design advice about your re-upholstery project.

The Journey from Start to Finish

Customer Re-upholstery Revival Pictures...

Cheetah Chair
Positive Feedback

I am really pleased with the sofas & chair, thank you for all hard work & patience getting them exactly how I want them. I look forward to ordering from you again.

Very Happy Customers

Sofas arrived safely this morning. They are gorgeous and so comfortable, and the fabrics work well together. Thank you for all your help.

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Restore & Revive Your Loved Pieces

There are many reasons for reupholstering a sofa or chair and your decision to choose to do so, over the purchasing of something new, will be completely unique to you.

If you are considering re-upholstery as an option but are not 100% quite sure, we've explored the most common reasons that our customers have given as to why they chose to upholster...