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Attic Room Red Feature Wall

12th March 2020

This red feature wall living room in an attic complements the space, adding colour, pattern, and character to the interior. It makes the most of a potentially awkward spot and instead emphasises it, for the better.

The colour and fun print of this wallpaper makes it a striking focal point. A perching bird and clinging monkey are seen in a tree focused on an inquisitive tiger. It immediately draws attention.

The eye-catching colour combination of red and gold is contrasted with navy blue. They are all in turn tempered by the use of black, white, and grey detailing. The rest of the room's decor takes its lead from this design as each of the shades are repeated elsewhere.

Red Feature Wall

This shared space is made playful by the fun pattern at its heart. Bookshelves have been fitted around it for useful storage and display. It instantly makes the room somewhere to chill out rather than to shut away.

In fact, our customer likes it so much they have gotten back in touch. They are now adding it to the opposite end of this large attic room.

We can't wait to see the results in the near future!

"wonderful wallpaper!"

- Customer

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