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The Beauty and Energy of Seascapes

21st May 2021

Whether it’s a calm expanse of water or the crashing of waves during a storm, a sea view has the ability to affect our mood. This includes both in and out of the home.

In interior design, seascape wallpaper and fabric have been growing in popularity. This is in large part thanks to modern printing and weaving techniques that allow these expansive scenes to be captured.

Here's the best ways to use harness the majesty of the sea with these fabrics and wallpapers.

Four Types of Seascape Wallpaper and Fabric

Stormy Seas

Choppy waters and crashing waves make for dramatic scenes, they're the perfect backdrop to add energy to modern interiors. These seascape wallpapers have powerful imagery that's ideal for creating a feature wall.

They can also be used all-round a room for a pattern with punch. Either way, they're great for setting the colour palette of a room. Pick tones from the pattern and repeat them on paint and plain fabrics to tie the room together.

Small red accents, like a fabric trim, create a nautical theme, particularly when they contrasted with blue ocean scenes. Finally, metallic home accessories and lighting complete this look.

Seascape Fabrics

Thanks to new production methods these powerful patterns are also  being translated to fabrics. Similarly to the wallpaper patterns, they're wonderful for creating feature furniture. A large sofa or central footstool is the perfect place to incorporate these striking designs.

Likewise, picking out colours from the pattern brings a space together. Whereas the brave can pair them with equally vivid patterns in complementary tones to make maximalist interiors.

Calm Waters

Serene seascapes bring to mind clear skies and days of smooth sailing. These tranquil designs are ideal for coastal interiors and relaxing rooms.

Crisp white curtains and paint are the perfect complement for these patterns. They create light and bright interiors.

Natural materials and textures also work wonderfully like wood, linens and woven fabrics. They give a cosy lived-in feel that further ties the indoors with the great outdoors.

Life Underwater

Underwater seascapes celebrate the variety of life beneath the waves. Whether it's colourful coral and seaweed or a fabulous array of fish, these wonderful designs are an intriguing addition to homes.

The depths of the ocean are ideal for making modern moody rooms. The murky deeps manage to be both busy and placid, bustling and peaceful.

Complement these rich patterns with luxurious plain velvet fabrics and metallic accents. These will add contrast in textures and elevate the designs.

Seascapes for Kids

The vast oceans and seas of the world make for a brilliant source of inspiration for children's imaginations. Colourful worlds and fantastical creatures make for fun and captivating interiors.

Grey is the easiest pairing with any interior design scheme so when in doubt go grey for a fuss-free finish. Otherwise, primary colours are a playful way to create a youthful space.

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