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Painterly Effects: Designs Inspired by Artistic Techniques

22nd July 2020

The must-have spring interiors trend is distinctly the painterly effect. Patterns are fluid and colours vibrant, lending fresh character and beauty to our homes this season. 

There's watery inks, visible brush strokes and bold paint splatters that celebrate the time-honoured techniques of the artist. Transform your home into a work of art with these four unique styles...

Impressionist Interior Design Trend

This style favours bright pure colours and places an emphasis on the interplay between light and colour. It's reminiscent of the vivid paintings by artists such as Monet and Renoir.

Brush strokes are short and rapidly applied, lending great movement and life to patterns.

Oil Painting Interior Design Trend

This style has a more classic, decorative feel, with long sweeping lines and deep colours. Brush strokes are heavily applied and clearly visible for a dramatic yet effortlessly stylish look.

Watercolours Interior Design Trend

Florals are depicted in watery relief, while colours are soft and run into one another creating a delicate feel. A hint of the Oriental brings a smart edge to this style. This makes it easy to introduce pops of brighter blue, orange or yellow.

Abstract Interior Design Trend

The rules are: there are no rules. This style places less emphasis on subject and more on colour, shape and form. Paint is splattered, applied in solid blocks or left to dribble down, while shapes and lines are simplified. They are often created using freehand, for ultimate graphic intensity.

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