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Introducing Tasha Textiles at F&P Interiors

1st June 2021

We're proud to announce our exciting new range of linen fabrics from Tasha Textiles. This wonderful boutique designer brand creates beautifully printed materials in the UK. As a Sussex-based company, we adore making close connections to British creators and introducing our customers to all things current and innovative; sharing the local gems we've been uncovering.

We are endlessly inspired by collaborating with unique artisans. Their artistry re-imagines motifs and adapts them in a way that fits our customers' tastes; their appreciation of architecture, history, and their ever-evolving sense of style.

The design houses we champion, in-turn draw from quintessentially British designs and beyond. No matter if they're modern or traditional in their approach, their products have a fresh twist that's immediately identifiable and yet endlessly versatile, no matter where you live.

Tasha Textiles is one such brand and began in the North York Moors with antique designs as inspiration. The result are livable, timeless fabrics that have heart-warming motifs...

The Latest Designs from Tasha Textiles

A Few of Our Favourites...

A floral trellis print that's the perfect way to add colour to interiors. Pair with plain linen fabrics and small geometric prints.

A two-tone design that introduces stylish colour combinations to interiors in unique and fun prints. They're delightful finishing touch in any room.

These wonderfully detailed resting snowflakes mix geometric patterns with nature for a timeless design. The light-hearted colours are welcome year-round.

An charming small-print floral leaf design for blinds in kitchens and bathrooms. It also makes lovely cushions and pillows alongside complementary colours.

F&P Interiors Takes a Closer Look

Our Director, Emma, is here to introduce you to the brand, the designs and the different colours with hands-on experience.

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