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F&P Introducing: The Best Home Interiors Brands

29th July 2021

With over 21 years’ experience bringing our customers the very best that the interiors market has to offer, we are proud to continue being ‘industry-firsts’ in launching brand new and up-and-coming artists to our online store and Sussex showroom. Giving shoppers a ‘first look’ at emerging talents from the world of interior design, these brand new fabrics, wallpapers and home accessories offer our customers the chance to create beautiful homes that not only look stylish, but also provide unique pieces to make their home feel individual and personalised.

This month, we are returning to a few of our favourite designers, some of which have been with us from the very beginning, as well as introducing you to three exciting new brands that have recently launched with us. We catch up with our established brands to learn a bit more about where they started and the successes they are enjoying today, plus we learn how F&P Interiors has helped them get there...


"F&P Interiors bet heavily on Coordonné and thanks to their trust, we have been able to generate a very loyal network of clients in the UK, where our brand was almost unknown before. We also share a love for creativity & avant-garde design!"


"F&P Interiors were one of the first to list our fabrics online when we launched. You have regularly highlighted our collections, increased our brand awareness and confirmed MINDTHEGAP as a well-recognised name in the market"

Barneby Gates

"F&P Interiors found us as we were only just getting started and our initial wallpaper collection was still very small. You had confidence in us, taking us on at such an early stage, and have supported us ever since. Thank you!"

Meet Coordonné

Spanish design house Coordonné is a family run company based in Barcelona. Created by founder Carmen de Lamadrid, 43 years ago, their biggest challenge was to introduce a brand new design concept that did not exist in Spain in 1978. Selling alternative wallpaper patterns such as florals and geometrics when only traditional stripes or damasks were the norm at the time, Coordonné has carved itself a strong identity within the interiors world and over the years, has enjoyed huge national and international fame.

Son, Gabriel Bans, took over the business in 2002 with great enthusiasm and has continued to lead Coordonné in generating great wallpaper and wall mural designs. Driven by the philosophy that interior design is a living and changing art, they are constantly reinventing how we see homes, architecture and fashion. Their world-renowned collaborations with global designers has helped them to stay at the forefront of fashions and enabled them to adapt to trends of the time. By harnessing these artistic minds, hands, and visions, they create unique,  and dynamic designs that transform everyday living spaces into imaginative and inspiring escapes.

Quick Q&A:

Can you tell us about your biggest achievement now that you are a very established brand in the interiors industry?

We are very proud of our environmental credentials. Leaving the smallest possible environmental footprint we can, we produce our products nearby which means we are also able to generate local employment in the area. We have become Km 0 which is very important to us as a family business.

In addition, we are also very proud of every one of our collections. Using innovative techniques to bring new approaches to interior design, we mix a variety of artistic languages and formats: oil, watercolour, digital, in one collection to create dynamic, original pieces that bring emotion and life to a space.

Our etymological name ‘Coordonné’ means everything well-coordinated, which we continue to apply to both our design approach and business practices.

Do you have a piece of advice you could offer to a new interiors brand launching this year?

Design spaces in which to be yourself, you can generate trust through great design. Our advice is to always have a strong concept and a good story behind it. Provide great quality and kind customer service and always be transparent.


Pioneers in Romania, MINDTHEGAP was born out of founder Stefan Ormenisan's fascination with how an empty place comes back to life when you put together curtains, wallpaper, furniture and accessories to turn a house into a home. Attracted by the idea that a lifestyle can be created based on a well-put-together interior, this creative brand has burst onto global markets, creating moods, stories and lifestyles through their luxury interior collections.

Overcoming their initial challenge to convince people from around the world to take them seriously due to their birthplace of Transylvania never had a history in wall coverings or interior design, artists returned to their roots to create a homage to the history and heritage of their fantastic country and the beautiful stories they have to share.

Now enjoying global success, this multi-channelled trendsetter produces an eclectic range of vintage, classical, traditional and contemporary fabricswallpapers and home accessories. Perfect for generating unique, bohemian looks that encapsulates the spirit of wanderlust, they are rich in detail with high quality finishing and unique embellishments. Instantly recognisable and iconic, MINDTHEGAP has grown in a short time to become a leading design house and well-known luxury home décor brand across the world.

Quick Q&A:

What were your hopes and dreams when you launched MINDTHEGAP?

Well, I must say that I have always dreamed big so I really wanted to create something that would be recognised all over the world. We founded MINDTHEGAP in 2016 but when we launched our first wallpaper collection, I wouldn’t even have dared to think about creating home lifestyles to the extent that we do today.

But step by step, driven by the success of our wallpaper, we have added more and more product ranges, including fabrics, that stand very well together and create our distinctive style. This is what it’s all about; having our own style, easy to recognise, and creating our own trends!

Do you have a piece of advice you could offer to a new interiors brand launching this year?

I would say to go bold and to avoid looking at trends and what others are doing. Invent and reinvent. Be proud and believe in what you are doing. It is very important to believe in yourself when you launch a new brand and to really love what you are doing. If you are not ready to give 100% of your time and life, better don’t do it!

Meet Barneby Gates

Barneby Gates launched back in 2010, bringing their first wallpaper designs to the interiors market. After careers in the arts and fashion industries, childhood friends Vanessa Barneby and Alice Gates pooled their knowledge and design experience, to create a fun and stylish collection to launch their brand.

Combining a quintessential English feel with a wry touch of humour, their individual take on classic designs sees them give each a contemporary twist, so that you often need to look twice! It is this quirky edge that has built them a bit of a cult following, which includes Prince Charles who selected their Deer Damask Wallpaper for the revamp of his Guest Lodge at Dumfries House!

Their love for collaborating with brands that they admire, across both the interiors and fashion world see’s each new design emerge as a standalone pattern, complete with its own personality and style. Often produced as matching fabrics and wallpapers, their uniqueness and confidence in who they are has seen them grow from the ‘kitchen table’ business they were 10 years ago, and has given them the success that they so deservedly enjoy today.

Quick Q&A:

What was your biggest hurdle to overcome when you were launching as a new brand?

Learning on the go! Neither of us had any experience in retail at all. We had an idea, a vision – we knew the look we wanted to create but had no idea of the business side of things, so it really was a matter of putting one step in front of the other and learning from our mistakes. We are both creatives at heart, so the business side was a steep learning curve.

Oh, and there was the small matter of us each having a baby every year for the first five years of the business - so we were juggling a few balls in those early years to say the least!

Do you have a piece of advice you could offer to a new interiors brand launching this year?

Just go for it! The interiors industry really is the loveliest, kindest bunch - so supportive of each other, and we’ve met so many lovely people along the way.  Photographing your products well so that customers can really envisage how they could be used in their homes is probably one of the most important things to get right too.

Proudly Introducing at F&P Interiors...

With over +100 international brands and independent designers available to shop and sample in our online store, we are proud to continue bringing you new and emerging artists from the world of interior design. Introducing new trends and exciting designs to suit a variety of interior styles, we still hand pick each and every pattern to ensure that you are seeing the very best of a collection.

Tasha Textiles

This boutique designer started creating beautifully printed materials from her North Yorkshire home. Launching with F&P Interiors in 2021, Tasha Textiles takes inspirations from her extensive collection of antique designs to design timeless fabrics feature heart-warming motifs that can be styled together to create charming, liveable interiors.

Josephine Munsey

Launching her first designs in 2020, Josephine has previously worked for Cole & Son and Designer’s Guild. Ideas for her wallpapers come from years of personal sketches from art exhibitions, travelling, her mother’s collection of ferns and the woods surrounding her studio in Stroud. Every designs still begins with a simple sketch in pencil before colour is applied.

Elizabeth Ockford

Original, hand-painted artwork transformed into stylish wallpapers; Elizabeth Ockford launched her very own, environmentally conscious, wallpaper brand after many years working in the interiors industry. From coastal wallpapers to textured wallcoverings, you can shop this Sussex based artist and sample all her beautiful wallpapers.

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