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The Best Podcasts to Curl up with this Weekend

30th December 2020

Forget bingeing on boxsets – the humble podcast has now become the nation’s new favourite way to unwind. Perfect for a rainy afternoon or tiresome commute, we’ve selected the best to listen to this weekend…

Happy Place

Fearne Cotton’s successful foray into self-help has now extended to her very own podcast Happy Place, in which she talks to famous figures, from athletes to comedians, about their own personal relationship with mental health and what true happiness means to them. Across 62 candid episodes, Fearne meets with the likes of Dawn French, Stephen Fry and Tom Daley, to talk openly about topics such a life, love and loss and how it has shaped their lives. Happy Place is a comforting listen, taking a frank and open look at how we all deal with life’s more challenging moments.

Health & Wellbeing Podcast
Award Winning Podcasts

Imaginary Advice

Winner of ‘Best Fiction Podcast’ at the British Podcast Awards 2018, Imaginary Advice is produced by Ross Sutherland, a writer and prominent figure on the spoken word scene. Episodes are stand alone and described as being a blend of poetry, anecdote and essay, but all telling a story in some way or another. Our favourite episodes are 9. Are You A Member Of Wash Club? in which Ross recounts a true story from his university days about a secret cult of people who like to climb inside tumble dryers, and 17. Six House Parties, a story of jealousy and revenge, told across six fancy dress parties.

You're Dead To Me

Advertised as 'History for people who don't like history', You’re dead to me is a weekly BBC Radio 4 podcast hosted by Grey Jenner. Each week Jenner uses his great comedic skills to bring you plenty of laughter whilst learning a little about our planets predecessors. Topics include Joan of Arc, Richard The Lionheart, Queen Boudica, along with many more. Whether you're already a history fan or just looking for a fun new podcast, You’re Dead To Me makes for an educational and amusing listen.

Police crime scene tape
Crime Podcast

Death in Ice Valley

A gripping podcast from the BBC’s World Service and Norway’s public radio, NRK - Death in Ice Valley follows the real-life investigation of a woman’s body found just outside Bergen, Norway in 1970. Since the discovery, officers have been unable to identify the body, now known as ‘The Isdal Woman’ nor shed any light on the mysterious circumstances in which she was found. Where Death in Ice Valley differs from other podcasts is that it actively invites the reader to try to solve the case, and has even set up a dedicated Facebook group where listeners can ask questions, discuss evidence and put forward their theories.

Modern Love

It’s often rare for a podcast with over 100 episodes to be so unswervingly high quality, but Modern Love, a collaboration between WBUR and The New York Times, delivers this in abundance. Adapted from the celebrated New York Times column, Modern Love takes a heartfelt look at the subject of love in contemporary society through performances by famous actors including Kate Winslet, Jake Gyllenhaal and Rachel Weisz. From short stories and insightful essays to humbling anecdotes, the performances in Modern Love will have you laughing, crying and nodding your head empathetically, all in equal measure.

Modern love padlocks
Podcast for Grown ups

The Allusionist

Broadcaster and writer Helen Zaltzman’s podcast The Allusionist centres on language, exploring its history and often overlooked role in our daily lives. Why do people send the same kinds of opening messages on dating apps? Are our dictionaries riddled with lies? What happens when a language dies, can it be resuscitated? Helen asks all these questions and more across the series, which includes episodes ranging from 15-30 mins, perfect for providing a daily dose of factual fun.

Oprah's Master Class

A fascinating insight into the lives of some of the best known and most loved celebrities including musicians, actors, athletes and public figures. Handpicked by Oprah, hear the greatest life lessons, biggest regrets and fondest memories from the likes of, Whoopi Goldberg, Lionel Richie and Billy Bob Thornton, to name a few!

Oprah Podcast


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