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The Ethical Fashion Brands to Know

29th September 2021

From ensuring fair working conditions for those who make their items to using natural materials that won’t harm the environment, these ethical fashion brands are showing serious moral fibre…

Models posing in silk attire from Kitty Ferreira range

WOMEN'S: Kitty Ferreira

Shocked at the terrible pollution caused by the fashion industry during a visit to China, Kitty Ferreira founder Valeria Goode decided to create clothes that were the antithesis of fast, throwaway fashion. Sourcing upcycled, cruelty-free materials, using natural dyes and specialising in short orders are just some of the ways this innovative label is reshaping the face of sustainable fashion, creating chic, wearable pieces for even the most discerning shoppers.

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Menswear brand, The Hemp Trading Company


Currently ranked as the top ethical menswear brand in the UK, THTC or The Hemp Trading Company, produce eco-friendly streetwear made from hemp, carbon-neutral organic cotton and recycled salvage plastic fibres. Their affordable clothing range is inspired by global street style and has attracted a thriving band of on and offline followers.

Shop THTC now:

Multicoloured fish print dress by children's brand, frugi


Frugi, which in Latin means ‘fruits of the earth’ is a Cornish company producing clothes for babies, kids and mums. frugi’s bright, playful designs are made using 100% organic cotton which is naturally processed and finished to protect the environment and produce a soft fabric which is far less likely to trigger allergies. As well as this, frugi donate 1% of their turnover to charity each year, organise various events to raise money for the Cornwall Wildlife Trust and use the profits from their annual warehouse sales to support an orphanage in India.

Shop Frugi now:

Wedding dress company, Minna


London-based company Minna offer ethically-made wedding dresses, veils and bridesmaid dresses that put the environment first. Each piece is handmade and embellished to order in their UK studio, using the highest quality fair trade and organic fabric as well as vintage pieces to create a garment that’s unique to you. Their eco-friendly production methods and zero waste cutting techniques are applied at each step, and they are always looking for new ways to decrease their environmental footprint.

Shop Minna now:

Artisan shoe company, Osborn

SHOES: Osborn

Husband and wife team Carla and Aaron are the brains behind Osborn, a Brooklyn-based company creating handmade shoes using eco-friendly materials and artisan weaving techniques. Praised for their fusion of fine art with sustainable production, Osborn have seen their colourful range of shoes win them several awards including the 2011 GenArt Fresh Faces in Fashion Award and Design Entrepreneurs NYC Award 2013.

Shop Osborn now:

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