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The Story of Our F&P Furniture

26th February 2016

Our F&P furniture is handcrafted in England, using only the most carefully selected and, where possible, sustainably sourced materials. Great care and attention is paid to each stage of the process, to ensure you receive a beautiful item that’s unique to you. Let us take you behind the scenes to see how your visions are brought to life...

Humble beginnings

All our items of furniture start life as carefully selected pieces of hardwood, which are marked out and cut by a woodworking company across the road from the workshop. This process is carried out by hand using a template, to ensure there is as little waste as possible.


A Solid Structure

When the pieces have been cut, they are jointed together to create the frame using glue, screws and dowels for maximum strength. The frame is then brought over to the workshop to begin its new life. The short journey means it arrives safely and with no carbon footprint.

The legs are attached (unless you’ve chosen an oak frame, in which case they are integral), and the wood is then stained according to your chosen finish.

Next, a multi-layered support system consisting of stiff metal struts, springs, and a strong mesh sheet is fitted into the base of the frame. Several different spring tensions are often used in our seats to ensure the highest level of support and comfort.

Coil sprung seats are traditionally finished with hair stuffed, hand stitched front edges to help prevent the front edge sagging and collapsing. Serpentine springs, which are flatter and firmer, are added to the back of the frame, to ensure good posture support. Coil springs are also sometimes used in the back.

Furniture in the Making

Taking Shape

Webbing is then used to cover the sides and back of the frame, and then the shape is built up with layers of wadding. Traditional upholstery materials such as horse hair, felt and fibres are used to mould the arms and back of the item to give a smooth long-lasting finish and form the wonderful contours that give each design its unique character and shape.


The Fabric

Meanwhile, in another part of the workshop, your handpicked upholstery fabric is scrupulously measured and cut by hand for that impeccable tailored look.

The Fabric

Pattern Matching

Special attention is paid to pattern matching, which can transform a sofa or chair from simply looking good to having serious wow factor...

Once the fabric has been cut, it is then passed to the seamstress who will make all of the components, including piping, whether matching or contrast. The fabric may be lined for additional protection and then a layer of hardwearing hessian is attached to it or fitted to the frame. This helps to protect the fabric and allows it to be pulled tight over the frame and fastened securely in place. 

Pattern Matching

Rebuild Service

As well as producing furniture from scratch, we offer a full rebuild service, allowing you to have your own furniture recovered in any of our upholstery fabrics. Whether you have a well-loved piece you wish to give a new lease of life, a family heirloom that needs restoring or a modern piece that you simply want re-covered to match a new colour scheme, our knowledgeable team will work with you to find the perfect fabrics and finishes, collecting the item and delivering back to you.

Finishing Touches

Adding Cushions

With the item of furniture taking shape, it’s time to add the cushions. A choice of the best fillings including duck feather and down, feather wrap, hollofibre and foam are available, with each having individual qualities and offering different levels of support, softness and bounce. The cushions are zipped, overlocked and pattern matched both sides for a truly stunning finish. Here's a few of our favourites...

  1. Sale Blue Frilled Cushion
    Special Price £60.00 Regular Price £80.00
    per item
  1. Sale Arden Linen Cushion
    Special Price £48.76 Regular Price £65.00
    per item
  1. Sale Doves Cushion
    Special Price £48.00 Regular Price £65.00
    per item

Our F&P Furniture Range

Quality Assured

The whole process takes six to eight weeks to complete, with quality checks taking place at each stage to ensure every last detail has been completed to the highest possible standard. Skilled craftsmen use traditional upholstery materials and many of their processes are unique to them, tried and tested over many years. 

If you are having several items made, the team will ensure that they are all upholstered by the same person to ensure uniformity. This is just one of the many features that set them apart from other furniture manufactures, and allows them to produce high-quality, stylish and comfortable items of furniture that will last you a lifetime. 

Thakeham Sofa

25 Year Guarantee

We’re so confident in the team’s expertise and dedication that we place a 25 year frame guarantee on every piece of F&P furniture so you can be assured you’re getting a quality item.

Once finished, your furniture is carefully packaged and delivered free of charge to your door and placed in your home ready to be sat on, lounged on or simply admired!

Client Testimonial
Client Testimonial

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