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Top Interior Design Trends for 2017

19th July 2017

Last year delivered some beautiful trends such as blush pink and copper, as well as furnishings inspired by natural textures. We’re excited to see what interior design trends 2017 will bring. Here's a few predictions for the year ahead.

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1. Dark Wood

The last twelve months favoured light woods to complement minimal furnishings and white walls. The next year will see a resurgence of dark woods such as chestnut, mahogany and walnut.

Dark woods are the embodiment of style and luxury, so we can expect to see them in many forms, such as a bed frames, wardrobes and staircases.

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2. Chunky Weave Fabrics

Continuing the trend for tactile surfaces and natural-looking textures, chunky weave fabrics are set to be very desirable. This interior design trend has been spurred on by a demand for artisan produce. Plus, the revival of practices such as knitting, crocheting and loom work have added fuel to the fire.

Chunky weave fabrics are ideal for upholstery and soft furnishings, as they’re hardwearing and comfortable. They also provide subtle visual interest when paired with plain surfaces.

Chunky weave fabrics


Rebel Walls Maps Wall Panel

3. Maps

Maps, both old and new, have been creeping into our interiors over the past year. Now they are ever more present in designers’ collections. Map motifs bring the excitement and feelings of wonderment associated with travel into the home, and also make wonderful feature walls or accents.


4. Interiors on the Road

This year, we’ve seen a huge rise in the number of clients seeking fabrics and furnishings for campervans, and we expect this to continue in 2017. Fabrics that offer comfort and longevity are ideal for making your mobile home as relaxing as possible. This is important whether you’re planning for weekends away or a life on the road.

Distinctly bohemian motifs, such as kilims, paisleys and ikats, hark back to nomad traditions and add warmth and interest through their stunning detail and rich colours. 

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Interior design on the road


Forest green

Dark Green

Sumptuous jade, rich emerald and deep forest green. We predict that the infatuation with nature and jewel-like tones seen over the last few months will continue into the New Year. Despite its depth, dark green is easily usable on more than one wall of a room.

It also has the ability to be mellow or invigorating, depending on the colours and materials you pair it with.

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