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Cottage Sitting Room

10th May 2019

A typical English country sitting room, decorated with warm red, green and beige. It mixes textures of velvet, wool, and printed linen for a relaxed and inviting atmosphere. The large stool in the centre of the room gives a focal point when the fire is not roaring.

Traditional Cottage

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Walls and Curtains

Neutral Slaked Lime walls made with a combination of minerals give a warm and soft apperance. 

Beautiful Eleonora woven silk has frail branches with raspberry birds and white flowers that subtly add to the space. Whilst, a bespoke curtain pole ties into the room for the perfect fit.

Upholstery Fabric

A large contemporary flame stitch adds a mix of colours on this Lismore wool fabric. It's ideal for a focal piece. Colours can then be picked out and repeated throughout.

Create more depth to the room by adding different armchairs in different textures. This soft Corded Velvet sits perfectly alongside this Teviot soft brown lambswool.

Together they continue the tones of the room whilst adding contrasting and textural interest that is both pleasing to the eye as well as to touch.

A fabulous hit of gold textured fabric in Titian and Sella for the footstool. Create balance by repeating this fabric on cushions for the sofa. 


A plain Renishaw green woven fabric that balances rustic and contemporary style with its herringbone design. 

A light Kintore damask design on lambswool fabric, uses already seen materials and colours but adds one last pattern. 

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