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Blue Living Room

27th September 2017

This interior uses the classic powder blues and soft pinks of a vintage colour palette but achieves a fresh, young look. Taking inspiration from the Bloomsbury Artists Movement, weathered painted furniture sits in front of a distressed feature wallpaper. Ceramic, pottery, and glass accessories stand proudly on a bold vintage dresser and a hand-painted lampshade adds an arty flair. The home-crafted tables join seamlessly with the natural wooden flooring and the addition of fresh flowers add the finishing touches to this shabby chic scheme.

Vintage Modern Living Room

Image Credit: Country Living UK.

Get the Look

The distressed Crackle Wallpaper design in duck egg blue.

Paint some furniture in a complementry colour, this is Porcelain by Zoffany.

This Lagoon lampbase perfectly complements this scheme and, with the glazing being unique to every piece, adds to the character.

Our favourite Maplehurst Sofa covered in a soft blue chenille, Summit Fabric.