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Small Bathrooms Using Exciting Wallpapers

2nd March 2020

A small bathroom is the ideal space in which you can dare to be brave and choosing the perfect wallpaper for small bathrooms has never been so much fun! A popular trend that can work in every home and with every interior style, more and more people are daring to choose bold wallpapers that prove that great design can come in small packages.

Whether you are looking to create a showstopping powder room or add some style to a compact family washroom, wallpaper can be a very quick and cost-effective way to transform a tiny bathroom.

A private space to which the door is usually closed, small bathrooms offer the chance to feature your favourite wallpaper designs that might feel too overpowering to use in other rooms.

Having a compact bathroom often leads people to feel that their design options are limited, however the opposite is in fact true. The awkward layout of a small bathroom suite or a lack of natural light can be quickly overcome by bold graphic prints and bright colours.

It may feel counter-intuitive in a small space but the best thing you can choose is a medium or a large-scale design. Patterns with wide-reaching shapes and interesting themes invites the eyes to travel across the design, creating the sense of space that making your bathroom feel bigger.

Read on to discover our pick of exciting wallpaper designs for small bathrooms of every style that we think you'll love…

Neutral Bathroom Wallpaper

Neutral wallpapers help to make a tiny bathroom feel larger by instantly creating a bright and airy feel in a room. Sporting designs from every interior style, neutral wallpapers offer you a huge range of design that look wonderful in any home. From modern shower rooms to traditional bathrooms suites, adding pattern to your walls will stop a white bathroom feeling too clinical. The soft tones of a neutral wallpaper are also a great option if you are looking to pair it with existing features such as wooden floors or metallic accessories.

Tropical Bathroom Wallpaper

Palm leaf wallpaper and jungle wall murals are a great choice if you are looking to redecorate a very small cloakroom toilet or a compact bathroom. Often featuring large scale designs of densely packed leaves and trees, in this case; bigger definitely means better. When hung on all four walls the pattern will completely overtake the room, creating the comforting feeling of being safely enclosed in a cosy space. Perfectly suited to the dimensions of a tiny washroom, this illusion works so well as it makes the size of your bathroom feel deliberate in achieving such a showstopping design feature in your home.

Bird Bathroom Wallpaper

A timeless trend that has remained popular for hundreds of years, bird wallpaper is a great way to add colour and character to a small washroom. With designs ranging from eye-catching eclectic prints to more modest classic designs, a bird wallpaper can work in any interior style. Larger bird motifs in bold colour combinations will help to make a bathroom feel bigger as they act to distract one’s attention from the narrow dimensions of a room. Balance the boldness of the design with a white bathroom suit and light-coloured flooring to enhance sense of space and allow the wallpaper to take centre stage.

If you are deciding on the best wallpaper for small bathrooms with a more traditional feel, then a medium scale design on a neutral ground will remain stylish for years to come. When hung above decorative panelling or a dado rail, the height of the wallpaper will encourage visitors to look up toward the ceiling. Paired with depictions of birds flying freely across the open sky, this design trick will help to elevate the room and make it appear larger than it really is.

Coastal Bathroom Wallpaper

If you are looking to style your washroom around a theme then a coastal design is ideal for tiny bathrooms. Ocean waves and seaside motifs help to evoke the sense of being out in an open with plenty of fresh air, even if the space you have to work with may feel the opposite. Nautical prints and coastal wallpapers are perfect for matching with seaside inspired home accessories that tie in to form a strong colour scheme that feels purposeful and well thought through.

Seaside wallpaper designs also lend themselves well to being mixed alongside other interior styles to create a mismatch scheme that is unique to your home. Hand-drawn fish themed wallpapers are forever popular as they offer a great alternative to traditional beach hut inspired schemes. Their individual characters add colour and pattern with an eclectic twist that will captivate their audience for hours.

Floral Bathroom Wallpaper

The most popular choice by far, floral wallpapers are so plentiful in design and colour that the hardest part is going to be choosing just one. Unlike other designs a floral wallpaper will suit a small-scale bathroom regardless of its pattern size, from large to medium and small. As long as the print is densely packed with multiple blooms, your walls will feel crowded which in turn, will make your room feel larger.

Flower bathroom wallpaper design also add an organic freshness to a room which is difficult to imitate. Your bathroom will instantly appear elegant and soft, helping your tiny powder room feel lighter and less cramp. Floral wallpapers also are a great option if you are looking to create a simple colour scheme. Simply match your bathroom paint work to the tones that feature within the floral pattern and you have an easy-made, no-fail colour scheme to work with.

Geometric Bathroom Wallpaper

A bold geometric design will make a your small shower room feel busy, tricking the eye into thinking it is bigger than it really is. Start by choosing a large geometric print wallpaper with high colour contrast. As the design bounces off the walls it will capture the full attention of its admirer, distracting them from their compact dimensions. More intricate geometric patterns such as tile effect wallpaper can achieve the same effect as the individual designs work together to create an eye-catching sequence that draws the eye along the wall, making the room feel longer. Finish the room with metallic fixings to cut through the visual noise of the wallpaper and contemporary home accessories for the perfect tiny modern bathroom.

Leaf and Tree Bathroom Wallpaper

Choosing nature as the theme will result in a bathroom in which you can escape from the stresses of modern life into a world of rolling hills and swaying leaves. Leaf print wallpaper designs act similarly to coastal interiors as they evoke the sense of outdoors, freedom and space. Designs inspired by the countryside can feel traditional as they commonly feature life-like motifs in muted greens, browns and greys. Designs such as toiles look great in a country cottage home as the scenes often become an extension of what is outside the window.

If your home is more contemporary, there are many stylised leaf or tree wallpapers to choose from that will suit a more modern home. Often printed in alternative colourways that are not necessarily found in nature, they will bring vibrancy to the room and interesting form to your walls. Style it alongside a luscious house plant or two to reinforce the sensation of being outside while you sit back, relax and become at one with nature. 

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