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How to Style White in Interiors

15th February 2021

White interior design ideas have become synonymous with contemporary architecture, coastal properties, and Scandinavian style. It's also widely used in open-plan living, nurseries, and bathrooms. It's highly versatile, clean, chic and the ideal monochrome base for making your mark.

Character and depth can come in statement patterns, pops of colour, and a tactile array of textures. White rooms are classic, minimal, and a blank canvas. This makes them perfect for those who love to switch-up the style of their interiors. It's also great for rental properties so anyone can easily put their stamp on a space.

All these elements have been growing in popularity with more white interior design products to choose from than ever. Here's how to style white in any room, whether using paint, fabric or wallpaper.

White Interior Design Ideas


The palest colour, without a hue, reflecting all visible light wavelengths.

White Paint Ideas

There are several reasons for people steering clear of white paint in the past. They were seen as cold, clinical, and difficult to maintain.

Now, however, new technologies have worked to solve those issues. The range of finishes that are available include hard-wearing alternatives for floors and home exteriors. There's also spongeable family-friendly finishes.

White paint works particularly well when there's less room for decorations in a space (like a kitchen or small bathroom). It makes the room look immediately bigger and brighter.

Funnily, it also works great in very large rooms like barn conversions and open-plan living rooms. A pattern can get lost in a spacious room and instead can be used as a feature wall with white paint on the other surfaces.

A white paint can also be chosen to fit the interior design style. Blackened is ideal for cool, industrial space. The green undertones of Slipper Satin are relaxing for a tranquil room. Meanwhile, Wimborne White has yellow undertones for a more nostalgic, soft vintage feel. (Contact F&P Interiors and we can help you choose your perfect paint.)

White Fabric Ideas

Like paint, white fabric has been shied away from for fear of the upkeep. There are, however, a myriad of durable curtain and upholstery fabrics. There's even performance and outdoor materials.

White is highly adaptable and pairs seamlessly with block colours and other patterns making them ideal in a plain fabric for furnishings. This can be as simple as adding a cushion.

A classic look is always white sheer fabric that's also now available in lovely patterns. Whether it's a traditional or modern design, they make the perfect addition as window dressings.

Linen works equally well for relaxed drapes that are cool in summer and keep the heat inside in winter. It's also wonderful for creating casual upholstery in a heavy linen.

A chenille or woven fabric is another easy way to add texture to interiors without clashing with the decor. In the same vein, faux fabrics add depth and comfort but with a more masculine feel.

All these materials can be added to a room to complement existing interior design schemes. This is even more true when another pattern has white as its secondary colour.

White Wallpaper Ideas

White wallpaper offers the largest amount of designs from big to small. There's white mural wallpaper which is ideal for adding bold pattern to interiors, either as a feature or around a room.

There's also minimal designs like geometric and trellis wallpaper. They both suit shared spaces, such as living rooms, hallways, and stairwells. Their smart motifs often have mass-appeal and a timeless quality to suit a broad range of tastes.

There's then children's white wallpaper with its ample assortment of imaginative designs. Sweet stars and polka dots are equally as in demand as fairytales and folklores being brought to life. They create both relaxing and stimulating rooms for your little ones to enjoy.

All of these patterns pair perfectly with white paint and colours can be plucked from the patterns for furnishings. These then look great on sofas and chairs, cushions and curtains.

The results are stylish, light and bright white rooms that can transition perfectly to the evening with the right lighting.

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