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Making the Most of Seasonal Foliage and Florals this Christmas

16th November 2021

Winter greenery and floral decorations can really make the difference in welcoming that Christmas spirit into your home. As traditional as the tree, we believe they are a Christmas must, plus they offer great child-friendly activities that the whole family will enjoy creating together. Read on to learn from our in-house florists, with their top tips for choosing the best seasonal florals plus their step-by-step styling schedule on how to fill your home with stunning seasonal foliage this year…

Late November

Preparation and Planning:

The perfect time to start prepping for all your seasonal foliage needs, late November is the ideal opportunity to get out in the garden to forage for natural decorations. This early on, stick to collecting dried decorations such as pine cones, thistles, twigs and branches. Harvest chestnuts and gather dried grasses or florals like hydrangeas as they are great for drying and will last throughout the festive period.

Winter Floral Ideas
Winter Floral Ideas

It is also time to get in touch with your local florist to order your foliage shopping list. In this feature we will be covering lots of foliage options to inspire your home decorations.

Finally, it is a lovely excuse for a Sunday afternoon crafting session to prepare a batch of dried oranges to feature in your Christmas wreath and as part of your festive gift wrap. We love this easy to follow guide by Claire K Creations on how to dry oranges which also includes lots of inspirational ideas of how to use them across your home.

Early December

Winter Floral Decorations
Winter Floral Decorations
Winter Floral Decorations
Winter Floral Decorations

Winter Door Wreaths:

The possibilities are endless when it comes to making your own door wreath so is it a good idea to have a plan in place in terms of the look and colour scheme you are hoping to achieve. Begin by choosing a frame:

For a more traditional look, choose a round frame and use plenty of spruce and holly to create your base. For a pop of festive red, Ilex berries are a great option as they can either be ordered as holly with foliage, or as simple woody stems that can be woven into your wreath separately. Add textural elements such as pine cones and dried oranges with binding wire or twine, and finally tie on a large ribbon without which no traditional wreath is complete!

For a lighter, more freeing look, bind your foliage freehand to achieve a more rustic appearance. Weave plenty of eucalyptus and mistletoe into the base and add dried flowers and natural decorations like thistles or pine cones to create a muted, earthy colour scheme.

The Week Before Christmas

Winter Floral Decorations
Winter Floral Decorations

Christmas Garlands:

Wonderful to place on a mantlepiece above a roaring fire or to line a festive table full of culinary delights, Christmas garlands are made of a variety of fresh greenery, woven together to create a beautiful festive feature. Start with a base of holly and spruce and twist in other fragrant leaves like bay and myrtle branches. Use floral wire to hook foliage together and get to work with your pruning clippers to give it shape.

Top tip: keep any larger cuttings as they can be used to plug any gaps, or as part of your festive centrepiece and gift wrapping later on.

Add colour and textural elements like fir cones and berries to break up the greenery, or weave in LED fairy lights to incorporate some festive sparkle to your fireplace decoration. For those looking to go the extra mile, attach a few fragrant cinnamon sticks to your garland to add to the delicious festive aroma that will spread across your home.

Winter Floral Centrepieces:

A great festive tradition that will look stylish in your home, you can very easily create a stunning centrepiece with your smaller pieces of foliage and a low-rise vessel that can hold water. Use florists tape to hold your spruce, eucalyptus leaves and any scavenged foliage in place and position berries and fir cones into the greenery to cover any gaps. Alternatively place a few seasonal florals or dried flowers for a softer look. 

Top tip: Cut un-shapely branches from your Christmas tree to use in your floral arrangements.

Once you are happy with the shape, weave in LED fairy lights or carefully place candles within holders to seal the classical winter look. Just remember to use a candle that is tall enough to keep the foliage away from the open flame, or battery powered alternatives can look very realistic.

Christmas Eve

Winter Floral Decorations
Winter Floral Decorations

Seasonal Christmas Florals:

A vase of seasonal flowers or festive foliage will brighten up your table or sideboard and will instantly inject some Christmas cheer into your home. Jasmine shares her four favourite Christmas flowers and why you should add them to your florist order this year:

1. Cymbidium Orchid: in bloom throughout the winter months and will last a long time if placed in a bright, indoor spot with plenty of natural light.

2. Red Roses: a good quality Rose like the Naomi Variety will offer a rich, velvety look that is synonymous with Christmas. If water is frequently changed, they will last between 7-10 days across the Christmas break.

3. Amaryllis bulbs: said to be a living symbol of love, they are known as the Christmas flower and make wonderful gifts as they continuously bloom between 3-5 times throughout the year.

4. Dried Hydrangeas: I especially love to feature these blowsy blooms in my arrangements and wreaths. Available to buy from local florists, you can also forage them from your own garden. Simpley pick them when they are just about to dry out - you will know as the petals will change colour and start to become hardier in texture - and keep them in a cool, dry area until you are ready to use them.

Winter Floral Decorations
Winter Floral Decorations
Winter Floral Decorations
Winter Floral Decorations

Image credit Claire K Creations

Christmas Wrapping:

Simple, yet stylish, pairing fresh green foliage with a colourful ribbon or festive twine will ensure that your presents stand out beneath the Christmas tree! Using natural foliage in your wrapping is not only a beautiful way to add a personal touch to your gifts, it is also a great way to utilise those tiny clippings that have not been used elsewhere in your home decor.

If you are looking for something a little more colourful, personal favourites of ours include dried seasonal flowers, a vibrant sprig of berries or pairing lavender with a dried orange slice for a fragrant embellishment.

Top tip: We advise pairing an evening of Christmas wrapping with one of our Best Boozy Hot Chocolate treats for the ultimate festive night in!

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