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How to Use Yellow In Your Interior

12th February 2018

These yellow interior design ideas use the most popular tones to create stylish rooms. There's lovely light shades and richly regal hues.

As the brightest colour of the visible spectrum, yellow is the most uplifting and refreshing of them all. It is a shade that is associated with energy, enthusiasm and cheerfulness.

A bouquet of yellow flowers traditionally symbolises friendship and warm well-wishes because of their power to revitalise a room. It's a dynamic shade that elevates any space.

Here's four sought-after yellow tones and how to style them in interiors.

Yellow Interior Design Ideas


A primary colour between green and orange on the spectrum. It's a complementary to blue; coloured like ripe lemons or egg yolks.

Muted Yellow Interiors

Yellow is often associated with vibrant neon or sparkling sunshine but it can also be muted. Pale yellow is a wonderful backdrop in any space, and warm alternative to neutral tones.

These lighter shades are a great base for building colour and pattern on or around. They can be the background of a busy design or be used to temper bolder hues. Pale yellow works wonderfully with raspberry pink, for example.

Likewise, light yellow tones can create large patterns without being overwhelming. This allows bigger designs to be used in interiors without necessarily being the focal point or colour.

If, however, the aim is to make a muted, quiet, and tranquil space then light grey is the perfect bedfellow to these shades. It's the ideal room colour combination to escape the noise of the day-to-day.

Mustard Yellow Interiors

Mustard yellow is a warm colour that's perfect for making an impact in interiors. It can then be paired with wine red for a luxurious finish.

Mural wallpaper is a wonderful way to make a statement. Otherwise, curtains can quickly inject any space with colour.

To tone down this powerful shade, it goes well with charcoal grey. This makes a stylish and moody look that can be accentuated with metallic accents.

Similarly, using a small amount of mustard in a white room provides a pop of colour without stealing too much focus. It's a great way to make an otherwise minimalistic space have a touch of cosiness.

Lemon Yellow Interiors

Lemon is practically synonymous with yellow. It's a mid-shade that adds a zingy hue to interiors. It works well with blue, particularly duck egg blue, to create a sweet and stylish retro look.

The brightening effect is also very welcoming in kitchens. It makes an undeniably invigorating start to the day.

Lemon yellow can also be used alongside classic green, as on the plant. This pays homage to the great outdoors for a charming country cottage look.

It can also be used as part of bigger patterns for a young modern feel. It's a little daring, and entirely youthful, for fun statement pieces.

Ochre Yellow Interiors

Ochre yellow is fast becoming a favourite for its richness and depth. It also complements equally lavish colours like teal, indigo blue, and burgundy red. It adds an extra sense of luxury to interiors based around these tones.

It's also a superb focal colour for a room whether on the wallpaper or biggest piece of furniture. This may be a sofa or headboard. It attracts the eye whilst drawing the beholder into a room.

It is not a shade to be shied away from. Ochre yellow is meant to be seen, making it ideal for social spaces and master bedrooms.

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