Bramshott Three Seater Sofa


This stylish two seater sofa creates a timeless sofa with a contempaory edge. Shown here in a plain linen neutral linen but can be made in any of our uplostery fabrics and would require 11.5 metres of plain or 13 metres of patterned fabric.

Prices from £3115 plus fabric

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2 Seat 2.5 Seat 3 Seat Armchair
Height 88cm 34.5” 88cm 34.5” 88cm 34.5” 88cm 34.5”
Depth 93cm 36.5” 93cm 36.5” 93cm 36.5” 93cm 36.5”
Width 165cm 65” 190cm 75” 235cm 92.5” 90cm 35.5”