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Striped wallpaper designs are remarkably versatile and can add a striking elegance to a wide variety of rooms creating a traditional feel or a contemporary look. We have a multitude of styles so choosing the perfect striped wallpaper is dependent on your space and the look you are trying to achieve; horizontally striped wallpapers create the illusion of a more expansive space whereas vertically striped wallpapers will create a sense of height. Wide width striped wallpapers will create a more dramatic look than narrow stripes or pinstripes. 

Colourful Striped Wallpaper

The colour of the stripes can influence the overall feel of a room, neutrals, and muted hues, for example, create a fresh relaxing look, monochrome is very modern and bright coloured stripes can create a sense of fun and energy.  Our most popular colourways are:

Red Striped Wallpaper

Black & White Striped Wallpaper

Blue Striped Wallpaper

Green Striped Wallpaper

Grey Striped Wallpaper

Whatever your interior space we have an extensive selection of stripe wallpapers to choose from.