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F&P Roller Blinds

Made to measure roller blinds provide a stylish and simple finish for windows. They are also a practical choice for smaller rooms where you don’t want anything too overpowering. Our blinds are created by a special form of laminating which rules out velvet, crewel, silk and embroidery, but instead works best with printed or woven fabrics which can withstand the laminating process.

Roller blinds can be blackout lined if required and can be operated by either a sidewinder or slow rise mechanism that meet EU child safety regulations. Many of our clients use blackout roller blinds behind existing curtains when they don’t want to change the curtains but do need the room to be darker. See our How to Guide for help with measuring for your Roller Blind.

Our custom roller blinds are ready to hang in your home within 4-6 week from design to delivery. 

green and white dove print roller blind