Designer Curtain Fabric

We have curtain fabrics to suit all home and interior styles. From English country cottages to chic city pads, we can help you to create stylish window dressings for your home. Each design is hand selected by a member of our team and can be sampled so that you can see just how good it would look in your home.
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Choosing Curtain Fabric Types

Our selection of luxury curtain fabrics will suit a variety of tastes and styles, we have an assortment of colours & patterns with both contemporary curtain fabrics and traditional designs to choose from. When it comes to choosing curtain fabric types as well as pattern and colour, texture, finish, durability and density which affects the amount of light they let in are also important factors to consider. Linen and cotton fabrics offer a lighter more informal look, whereas velvet curtain fabrics and interlined silk offer a polished luxurious finish, and velvet, in particular, is a denser material keeping in warmth and blocking more light and is most often seen in more formal and boutique style interiors. Wool curtain fabrics offer both warmth and durability and are often found in cottage style interiors and cosy rooms such as studies and snugs. You may also want to consider length and header style; eyelet curtains have a more contemporary feel whereas double and triple pleat or adding a pelmet create a more traditional look. Once you have chosen your fabric and thought about your style we have a made to measure curtain service available to turn your ideas into reality.