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F&P Curtain Poles

Our made to measure curtain poles offer a bespoke solution for any size and space allowing you to hang your curtains and drapes anywhere in your home. We offer a large range of pole styles including wood, metal and wrought iron in a variety of diameters, all available at the length of your choice. Depending on your style you can choose decorative or practical finials and matching or contrasting brackets.

Whatever your window shape we can offer a tailor-made solution, such as bay window poles, extension brackets, passing rings, and ceiling fixes that will work in your unique space. Additionally, curtain poles can be corded for manual or electric pulling systems.

Samples of the finishes are available.


 Our custom made curtain poles are ready for your home within 2-6 week from design to delivery.

wooden curtain pole
Brass acorn curtain pole
traditional wooden curtain pole with rings
Curved chrome curtain pole
Wrapped White Pepper Curtain Pole
black metal curtain pole