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How To Create a Scheme

Start Scheming in Four Simple Steps

Schemes are a great way to help you to plan your room as it helps to visualise what your favourite products look like together.

Resize fabrics to look like cushions or stretch out papers to look like a feature wall.

It's fun, creative and there is no limit to how many you can create. So let your creativitiy flow and make one for every room in your dream house!

scheme 1
scheme 2

Step 1: Add your Products

To create your first scheme, find a product that you like and click on the 'Your Schemes' tab on the right hand side. Click 'Create New Scheme' and give it a name. Now click Begin.

You can add your item to your scheme and continue shopping to find more complimentary products. When you are happy that you have enough, it's now time to start working your magic...

Step 2: Editing Your Scheme

You can find your schemes in your account under 'My Schemes.'

This is where all your schemes are stored. Choose choose the scheme that you would like to work on and click 'Edit in Detail.'

Your products will open on to the scheme board. You can move them around, make them larger or smaller and overlay the different items by moving them backwards and forwards. 

scheme 3
scheme 4

Step 3: Share you scheme

You can show off your wonderful creations by sharing your scheme with friends and family.

Remember to save your scheme first in order to retain the layout you have created.

Next click 'share' and set your scheme to Public. You can copy the url into an email or click the icons of your favourite social media networks to share your creations.

Step 4: Create your Account

You must have an account with F&P Interiors to create schemes.

This way, your creations will be saved and you can return to them to add new products or edit existing selections.

Creating an account is quick and easy and comes with lots of benefits including managing your orders, faster check out and your very own personal wishlists. 

If you have any trouble using our schemes please contact us and we will be glad to help.

scheme 1