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How to Transition Your Home from Summer to Autumn

14th October 2021

As we begin to swap floaty kaftans for chunky knits and trade sunglasses for bobble hats, the changing seasons are bringing cooler weather and darking evenings for us at home. Perfect for cosy nights in with the family, it is important that your house offers a comfortable and energy efficient environement for you all to enjoy.

With a few stylish interior changes, you can quickly update your spaces to make them feel ready for the colder climates of fall. Follow these simple, yet effective ways to bid farewell to Summer and welcome Autumn into your home with open arms...

Add Chair and Sofa Throws

It’s always lovely to have a autumn throw blanket at hand to wrap around you on those chilly evenings. A few draped over chairs or on the end of your bed will bring a feeling of warm and cosiness and can also be a great way to add some colour and pattern to your interior scheme.

They are also ideal if you have guests over and are dining outdoors. You can throw one over your legs after the sun goes down to keep you warm toasty.

Feature an Autumn Rug

There's something comforting about stepping off the sofa or out of bed onto a soft rug. Both shaggy and short pile rugs in yellows, oranges and charcoal grey are especially perfect for creating a feeling of warmth, but if you have an existing modern colour palette that is cooler in tone, a rug will still inject a bit of physical warmth to your room.

If you don't want to replace your existing rug, look for a smaller one that complements your existing style. You can then layer them to add depth and interest to your floors or move certain styles to other rooms for the cooler seasons.

Switch up Your Floral Display

Seasonal flowers are a great way to bring the colours and texture into your home. Mimicking the changing seasons that we admire from our windows, Autumnal blooms offer a rich colour palette and elegant branches with leafy stems and charming blooms. A floral display will add the finishing touch to your room or sideboard and the fact that they are picked in season means that they will continue looking beautiful for longer.

Mix and Match Cushions

Scatter a few patterned cushions to give your home a feeling of embracing warmth and cosiness. Leaf print and bird designs are very popular in the colder months and work well in browns, reds, burnt orange and green shades.

Mix different patterns and textures into your cushions will add interest to your seating and softness to the touch. Why not try velvets, embroideries and wools to create a cosy and inviting space with comfortable rustic charm.

Stylish New Lamp Shades

In the summer months, you can sometimes go weeks at a time without having to turn on a lamp. However as the days getting shorter, you’ll begin to rely on them more and more.

Choose lampshades in autumnal colours such as red, orange or brown to create a pleasing glow. Floor and side lamps can be used instead of ceiling pendants to create a more intimate space, or opt for a made to measure lampshade which can be designed to create the perfect light levels in your room.

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