Stylish Window Dressing Ideas to Let the Light in

22nd April 2024

Many people purchase curtain and blind fabric with the intention of blocking out the light, however sheers and voiles can be a beautiful alternative, when a more decorative, lightweight window dressing is desired. 

Providing a refreshing contrast to heavier curtains or formal blinds, lightweight curtains provide privacy whilst diffusing light to create a soft and appealing glow. Particularly in the form of curtains or drapery, they hang beautifully and, when lifted by a light breeze, mimic the relaxed sophistication of a sunlit balcony or poolside cabana. We’ve selected some of our favourite lightweight curtain ideas, along with some tips for making this look work in your home…

Popular Window Dressing Patterns:

Utilise Floral Prints for a Classic Look

Floral prints have a timeless elegance that suit semi-transparent fabrics. The fluidity of brushstrokes complement the sinuous nature of these light materials, and create truly stunning window furnishings. Great for connecting your home with the outdoors, floral sheers work perfectly in conservatories, sunrooms and interiors that have views of the garden. 

floral sheer fabricfloral sheer fabric
water lilly sheer fabricwater lilly sheer fabric

Use Stripes for an Understated Touch

Striped fabric has a breezy, understated feel and can keep your sheer curtains or blinds from looking too dressy. Classic seaside colours of blue and red give off a coastal vibe, or opt for greys or sandy browns to keep things natural.

embroidered sheer fabricembroidered sheer fabric
Brown Stripe Sheer FabricBrown Stripe Sheer Fabric

Go Bold with Natural Prints

Natures motifs are an ideal choice for sheer fabrics. As light shines through them, the design will become illuminated and alive. Birds, leaves and trees are particulary popular, as they result in a truly striking window treatment that never goes out of fashion.

modern window treatmentsmodern window treatments
Green Leaf Sheer FabricGreen Leaf Sheer Fabric

Window Treatments Colours:

Play It Safe with Neutrals

White or neutral sheer fabrics are popular due to the clean, crisp quality they bring to interiors. Most have an understated design to counteract that ‘net curtain’ look and will add subtle pattern or textural interest when drawn.

Neutral Linen Curtain FabricNeutral Linen Curtain Fabric
Floral Sheer FabricFloral Sheer Fabric

Use Colours to Create an Ethereal Glow

Plain coloured sheer fabric can be placed in windows or doors to cultivate a particular mood in a room. Reds, browns, and oranges will bring an atmosphere of warmth, whereas blue and green create a cooler vibe.

Yellow Sheer FabricYellow Sheer Fabric
stylish window treatmentsstylish window treatments

Go Bold with Multi-Colour and Pattern

Multicoloured lightweight fabrics can be placed in windows or doors to cultivate a particular mood in a room. Reds, browns, and oranges will bring an atmosphere of warmth, whereas blue and green create a cooler vibe.

sheer curtain fabricsheer curtain fabric
floral sheer fabricfloral sheer fabric

Rooms for Stylish Window Treatments:

kitchen window coveringskitchen window coverings

Create a Stylish Dining Space

Kitchen and dining rooms are another great space in which to use lightweight fabrics. On a practical level, they are less likely to hold onto cooking odours, and on a summer’s evening, they can imitate the relaxed atmosphere of al fresco dining. 

Blue Geometric Linen FabricBlue Geometric Linen Fabric

Channel Spa-Like Vibes

Sheer fabric is ideal for using in bathrooms as they provide adequate privacy whilst allowing enough light through to create an ambience and tranquillity. Opt for soothing tones to create the most relaxing environment, turn the water on and let your troubles wash away.

yellow sheer fabricyellow sheer fabric

Take Them Outdoors

Bring the fun of interior design outdoors by adding sheer drapery to your conservatory windows or sides of your pergola. In the warmer months, they’ll keep away pesky insects, allowing you to relax and enjoy your outside space.

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