Blue & Green: The Lush Colour Combination

1st June 2019

Blue and green room accents can evoke the most appealing of images. There's tropical waters, swaying palms against a cloudless sky, and the bright markings of an exotic butterfly. It's the ideal room colour combination for beautiful, uplifting interiors.

How to Style Blue and Green Decor

Blue and green is present in the most stunning natural settings so it makes sense to gather inspiration from nature when styling them. Green is the colour of life, growth and vitality and will always be well suited to leafy patterns. Consider a densely patterned wallpaper or fabric with a botanical theme.

Blue, on the other hand, signifies water, fluidity and movement, working well to show off painterly designs or more abstract motifs. Together, the two have endless potential within the home, and can leave you feeling energised or soothed, depending on how they’re used.

Here's our favourite colour combinations for blue and green rooms.

Blue and Green Room Blue and Green Room

Dense and Dark Room Decor

Rich, saturated shades of green and blue are best displayed in the form of sumptuous velvetpainted walls or metallic wallpapers. It will result in a brooding yet deeply impressive look with regal connotations.

Balanced Blue and Green Decor

When introducing other shades into your palette, consider ochre or light brown. They fit as effortlessly with blue and green as sand and sea. To balance a particularly bright scheme, inject splashes of red, pink or purple. These can hold their own against blue and green.

Fresh and Zesty Decor Ideas

Alternatively, stick to pastel blue and green with plenty of white or neutral accents to create a spring-like feeling of freshness. Complete the look by utilising lightweight fabrics or subtle wallpapers.

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