10 Cosy Bedroom Ideas

1st June 2023

Everyone deserves a cosy bedroom that they adore so we’ve selected ten of our favourite. Here's our cosy bedroom ideas and the products you need to recreate them in your home.

Your bedroom is the first thing you see when you wake up and the last thing you glimpse before you turn out the lights. It's a place to retreat from the stresses of daily life and a cosy space to relax and recharge. The fact that your bedroom is rarely frequented by friends and guests makes it a private space that can be designed solely with you in mind. It is the one room in the house where you don’t have to consider the needs of others. The décor can reflect your individual tastes and favourite interior style. Here's how.

Cosy bedroom IdeasCosy bedroom Ideas


Bohemian Boudoir

This cosy boho bedroom cleverly uses the soft painterly tones of the wallpaper as an exclusive colour pallet. The rest of the room is designed around the beautiful Faded Passion Wall Panel.

Add an assortment of cushions and a decorative throw in colours that match those featured on your walls.

Contrasting pieces such as the Scandi bedside table and the woven wicker headboard add those natural textures that Bohemian interiors need. Then finish the look off with a pot plant or two to compliment the floral panel design.


Cosy Cottage

This stunning cosy retreat features a delicate Damask wallpaper called Fabienne. The soft powder blue hue allows the design to remain understated, which perfectly suits the cottage proportions of the room.

Add a tufted headboard and a smart occasional chair upholstered in complimentary fabrics to complete the look.

Cozy Bedroom IdeasCozy Bedroom Ideas
Cozy Room InspirationCozy Room Inspiration


Jewel Tone Bedroom

Jewel tones are perfect if you are looking to create a cosy, sumptuous space in which to feel pampered. This wonderful Brook Wallpaper by William Morris provides you with the ideal colour pallet. Deep sapphire blues and rich emerald greens create a magical scene in which golden deer graze quietly within the forest.

It's the perfect peaceful setting to fall back into and curl up amongst luxury silk cushions. They are a necessary indulgence which look magnificent and add a touch of glamour. Finish your bedroom off with a low-level light feature to create a comforting glow around you as you marvel at the glimmering jewel tones.


Statement Headboard

Wake up your bedroom with a custom made designer headboard upholstered in your favourite fabric. Ours would have to be this Fleurs Etoilees Fabric by Christopher Farr. The zingy green florals inject freshness into the room, transforming a relatively safe bedroom scheme into an unforgettable designer statement.

Cozy Bedroom IdeasCozy Bedroom Ideas
Cosy Interiors InspirationCosy Interiors Inspiration


Styling He'll Love

It is sometimes hard to reach a compromise so that 'what he wants' and 'what she wants' are both worked into one cosy room. We, however, might have found it.

This Honey Bee's Wallpaper features a bold geometric honeycomb graphic that is both contemporary and stylish. It's dark charcoal base is rich in colour and has a masculine vibe. However, this is softened by the shimmering golden honey bees that intersperse the design.

Choose heavy set furniture with clean lines in dark colours to keep things looking sleek and bold, but incorporate softer fabrics like velvets and chenille's for a bit of comfort and luxury. This designer has used strong blocks of orange to give this room some individual designer flair and at the same time ties the whole scheme together perfectly.


Warm White Paint

Ammonite Paint is the perfect backdrop to creating a wonderfully cosy space, flooded with light but not left feeling too vast. The neutral tones are warmed by the contrast of the crisp white bed linen and the earthy oranges that feature in both the fabrics and wooden beam.

The symmetrical placement of the bedside tables and feature table lamps cleverly help to fill the edges of the room as the oversized bed sits snugly in the middle. The addition of the cosy rug  which runs just slightly wider than the bed helps to give the impression that the room is smaller and more intimate than it really is, resulting in a beautifully cosy hideaway.

Cosy Bedroom IdeasCosy Bedroom Ideas
Cosy Blue Bedroom IdeasCosy Blue Bedroom Ideas


Four Poster Bed

Nothing feels cosier that curling up in a grand four poster bed. It's the ultimate way to make a bold statement in the bedroom. There is an adorable mix of patterns with the floor to ceiling curtains in an ornate design and the assortment of fabrics that swaddle the room.

The floor length curtains and decorative pelmet dress the window beautifully and cleverly mirror the height of the four poster bed. By sitting between a beautifully upholstered sofa and a spotted fabric wall hanging, the bed is framed at either end making the room feel fuller and more intimate.

Add some comfortable plump cushions, your favourite framed photos and a statement table lamp that has been passed down through the family. This will achieve the homely comfort that comes from a room full to the brim with beautiful things.


Tactile Textures

Transform a flat wall into an interactive design feature with a statement textured wallpaper. Use metallic designs that play with the light, bouncing it around the room and making the space feel warm and cosy.

As the wallpaper monopolises so much of the room, keep the rest of the space plain. Cotton sheets provide a matt contrast in texture, whilst the plain silk cushions add just that right level of shimmer to the bed.

Cozy Bedroom IdeasCozy Bedroom Ideas
Cozy Room IdeasCozy Room Ideas


Totally Toile

Lovingly enveloped in Toile De Jouy Wallpaper, this charming classical design musters up nostalgic memories that are comforting and feel like home.

The perfect choice if you are looking to create a cosy bedroom that is both elegant and characterful. It is a classic that has been given a modern twist. The fresh green and crisp white pattern feels light and airy, allowing for it to be used on all four walls without swamping the room.

The stunning semi-circle headboard forms a clever boundary between the plump cushions and the wallpaper, showcasing each without the other absorbing it. Paired with elegant dark wooden furnishings and historical home accessories, we can't think of anywhere cosier to rest our heads for a good night’s sleep.


Palm Leaf Paradise

A designer trend that keeps on growing, this Palm Jungle Wallpaper will transport you into the wilds of the rainforest canopy.

The metal bed frame sits high against the wall, allowing the leaves to be seen through the bars as if they are climbing through to create a cosy den. Dressed with plain grey bed linen and a chunky throw, these add comfort and warmth. The brightly coloured velvet cushions and quirky home accessories keep the design feeling young.

Finished off with solid wooden flooring and a rustic bedside table (and a ferocious beast) these natural materials bring elements of the jungle into your home and transform your four walls into a designer paradise.

Cozy Bedroom IdeasCozy Bedroom Ideas

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