Four Poster Canopy Bed in Guest Bedroom

12th January 2024

We were thrilled to see the transformation of this gorgeous guest bedroom for a customer in the Cotswolds. Our excellent design team have worked hard to create the perfect country house look for a four poster canopy bed with a bespoke headboard and accompanying soft furnishings. The rest of the bedroom has been decorated with new bedside furniture as well as wardrobe curtains, full length curtains, an upholstered armchair and window seat. Read on to find out more about the whole interior design process step by step, including intial and final schemes.

About The Design...

The scheme for the guest bedroom above features a variety of duck egg blue and red patterned fabrics. The final look developed from these initial ideas, with floral fabrics used for the soft furnishings, and the lovely Eckington Fabric shown above was chosen for both the headboard and the bed curtains. This perfectly ties the whole room together and allows other features in the bedroom to stand out. Quantock Fabric and a Sedona Embroidered Border have been used for the window seat which is beautifully framed by the duck egg curtains with a Florette Embroidered Braid leading edge. The embellished trimmings lead the eye to the window area and the lovely textures are highlighted from the natural light flooding in.

"A huge thank you to F&P, especially the very talented Hannah Irish, for her help. I couldn’t recommend her more, and am only too happy to recommend F&P’s interior design, upholstery and curtain making services. They delivered a beautiful final product and I would wholeheartedly recommend them to others."

Interior Design Customer, Cotswolds

The Making Process...

Our fantastic Interior Designer, Hannah, worked with the customer from the inital brainstorming right through to the making process and installation. Here you can see an impressive close up of the sunburst canopy and the pelmets being fitted around the top of the bed frame. The dainty Petra Fabric in a lovely duck egg blue creates a bright and refreshing feel to the bedroom and wonderfully compliments the dark wood frame.

Bedroom Scheme Bedroom Scheme
Window Curtains Country House Window Curtains Country House

The final scheme above shows some of the gorgeous fabrics used for the bed cushion, lampshades, wardrobe curtains and upholstered armchair.

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