Whimsical Gender Neutral Nursery

8th January 2024

We love to see the finished product inside our customer's homes and luckily enough for us, one of our lovely customers happens to be a member of the F&P team. Chatty, our Designer's Club Manager, has decorated her son's nursery with a gorgeous whimsical style. The classic cream wallpaper with a touch of colour creates the quintessential look for a gender neutral nursery with a variety of pattern standing out through the soft furnishings in the room.

Gender Neutral Nursery Ideas Gender Neutral Nursery Ideas

About the Design...

The gorgeous Gujarat Safari Fabric features wild animals leaping and charging across enchanting woodland scenes in a wonderful illustrative style with grass green and pink detailing. This fabric lends well to upholstery, as demonstrated with the Bobbin Armchair in Chatty's nursery, which perfectly accompanies the delightful green and purple Jouy Wallpaper. A great choice for roman blinds is the Kingdom Outdoor-Indoor Fabric which is ideal for a playroom or outdoor cushions due to it's durable qualities. The lovely teal blue design with a sketched safari animal print is the perfect playful design for a child's interior

Children's Nursery Interior Children's Nursery Interior
Gender Neutral Nursery Inspiration Gender Neutral Nursery Inspiration

"I came across my favourite children's fabric back to front. I'd fallen in love with the Jouy wallpaper and decided that it would look lovely in my new nursery but needed something playful to go with it so it still looked like a children's bedroom and not too grown up! I had always loved Andrew Martin's Kingdom but they never had the right colour until they released their outdoor version and then suddenly they did. I have used it on a big roman blind and I always leave it half down so my baby son can see all the animals.

I like it because it has just the right touch of childhood humour whilst also being timeless thanks to the sketched quality of the animals. It's great because its a thicker fabric than their linen so lets less light in, it hangs really well and comes in lots of fun bright colours that are easy to match for accessories such as the Rex London lampshade I used." 

Chatty, Sussex

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