How to Use Green in Your Interior

9th September 2020

Green room ideas are ideal for bringing life into interiors. They can instantly lift a space or create a demure finish. Here's some of the best ways to create all-out green interiors.


  "Of the colour between blue and yellow in the spectrum; coloured like grass or emeralds."

Green Interior Design Is Ideal For...

Green is forever linked with nature. It's constantly in the surroundings, be it leafy foliage or fruit and food. As a result, it is a soothing colour with many mood boosting benefits. It's a clean, fresh shade that creates relaxing and tranquil rooms.

Deeper shades are also indicative of gems. There's beautiful jewel tones in emerald green and jade. These hues make for rich, luxurious and inviting interiors.

The colour green works for young and old, for bright spaces and dimly lit spaces. It's wonderful as a block colour and in patterns. Here's three green room ideas for stylish and exciting homes.

Idea One: Green Living Room

A green upholstery material can create a centre piece in a home. It doesn't even need a wild or tropical pattern with a modern design like Capisoli Fabric. A corner sofa is the ideal way to showcase this ombre design.

A mixture of cushions can then complement and contrast the furniture whilst creating extra comfort and cosiness. A plain Big Karma ready-made cushion balances the size of the couch.

A classic Seaweed Cushion, likewise, makes an accent piece in the room this time by providing a large print. It also contrasts perfectly with the modern design whilst complementing it in colour.

Made to measure cushions can then provide a selection of sizes and mixture of fabrics to add personality, depth and texture. A large floral print like Rosslyn Fabric ties into the celebration of nature created by the green theme.

A black silk fabric, such as Imperial, combined with a decorative trim or two takes the luxurious look to the next level. A diamond braid in turquoise and lime green gives a modern twist.

Idea Two: Green and Yellow Kitchen

A green kitchen makes for a light and open space. White tiles, cabinets, and benches allow for pattern on pattern used elsewhere. Flint Paint sets the tone that can then be built upon.

The beautiful Arts & Crafts style scrolling acanthus leaves of Apple Wallpaper make a great backdrop. The subtle tones allow for the beautifully detailed design.

Lemon Tree Embroidery Fabric uses a more open pattern that pairs flawlessly with the walls. The pops of yellow in the design also add a zestiness and lift the colour scheme that bit more.

Bespoke roman blinds and curtains are made in practically any fabric and be made to match. A longer space is brought together through this repetition.

The result is a timeless and social interior that combines old and new.

Idea Three: Lime Green Bedroom

Leaf patterns come in all shapes and sizes. The tree print on Savage Leaves Wallpaper makes a wonderful green and grey pattern. It's ideal for a feature wall or all around a room with its fresh, uplifting colour scheme.

Brighter and bolder designs can then be used on the furnishings and home accessories. Royal Garden is a brilliant pattern for bedding and a custom headboard. It makes an instant impact and introduces an array of other colours. The matching scatter cushions continue the look.

La Voliere Cushions and the fabric on the footstools are a great touch. The leafy pattern ties in with others in the room.

Finally, Yellow Garden Lampshades complement the other designs without being drowned out by them. The bedside lamps create symmetry in the bedroom whilst being practical.

Crisp white sheets and a textured Europa Rug add classic touches with this wonderfully eclectic mix of fabrics. It's a fun and funky scheme for modern homes.

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