F&P Paint Colour Masterclass: Ask the Experts

18th July 2023

Colour is an incredibly powerful element of interior design and we understand that choosing a paint colour for your walls can be a daunting task, but don’t let it overwhelm you! From tranquil light grey to a bold cobalt blue, choosing the right colour palette for your home will help your interiors feel comfortable and unique to you.

But there are a few tips and tricks that can help you along the way! We caught up with some interior experts to bring you our paint masterclass, designed to guide and inspire you when choosing paint for your home...

How to Pick Your Paint like a Pro

We frequently have customers get in touch to tell us they they have found the perfect wallpaper for their next home project, but are now looking for a complementary paint colour to feature with it. So, we asked F&P Interiors Director, Emma to show us how she goes about finding the perfect paint to style with a chosen wallpaper when she is creating a brand new interior scheme.

The Perfect Pairing: Matching Our Paint and Paper

To make it even easier for you to find the perfect paint to complement your favourite wallpaper, our design experts add suggested paints and complementing patterns to our most popular designs – you can find them listed under ‘This Works Well With’ on the individual products themselves.

To ensure that they are a true colour match, we always do our matching with both the wallpaper and our extensive paint selection in front of us, as we know that colours can often look different when you view them on the screen.

With over 21 years’ experience helping our customers choose the perfect paint for their homes, if you find a design that doesn’t have a paint suggestions, please contact us and we will happily recommend some options.


How to Use Your Sample Pot Correctly

Ordering sample pots of your favourite colours is the best way to know that they will work as part of your interior scheme, as they offer you the truest representation of how that colour is going to look in your home. Our friends at Little Greene Paint have produced this handy one-minute guide on how to use your sample pots the right way, to ensure you end up choosing the perfect colours for your project.

Why Sample Pots Are Still the Best Way to Test Your Paint:

  1. Sample pots will offer you the truest representation of your paint colour. It will be exactly the same product that you, or your decorator, will use when it comes to decorating your room so is the most accurate way to tell that you are picking the perfect colour to coordinate with your scheme.
  2. The texture of your walls really affects how you paint looks on the wall. Ready painted swatches that can be stuck to the wall will not give you a true characterization of your paints finish and how it will sit on different surfaces. Painting directly onto your intended wall or woodwork is the only way to know exactly how your paint will eventually look.
  3. You often need to paint more than an A5 postage stamp worth to get a true appreciation of a paint colour. By ordering sample pots, you can begin by testing various shades on a smaller scale, however once you have narrowed your choices, you will have enough paint leftover to cover a larger surface area for maximum colour impact.
  4. Light and shadow also really affect how a paint looks and makes a room feel. A sample pot will provide you with enough paint to cover multiple areas of a room, from sunny windows to darker nooks so that you can appreciate how a colour might change in different light-levels.
  5. Sample pots can be used on smaller projects. As many of our paints are environmentally-friendly and child-safe, you can use any leftovers to paint toys, furniture or wooden accessories that can also be featured in the room.

Colours our Customers Love...

If you're anything like us and enjoy looking at what other people have been buying, we’ve picked out the most popular paints that our customers are using in their homes. With our extensive range including four of the UK's leading designer paint brands; Zoffany PaintLittle GreeneFarrow & Ball and Sanderson Paint, we have over 650 different shades to choose from, all available in a number of finishes to suit various projects around your home.

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