How To Customise Your F&P Furniture

1st January 2024

Customising your furniture allows you to tailor the design, colour, and features to ensure that it fits seamlessly into your home. Passionate about designing pieces that last, both in style and longevity, we understand that buying a new piece of furniture is a significant investment. Here at F&P Interiors, we have a dedicated bespoke team who are here to ensure that all your design decisions not only look good, but also serve you well in your daily life.

Creating unique, one-of-a-kind pieces that stand out, your F&P furniture will become a reflection of your personality and a conversation piece within your home. Often extending beyond aesthetics, we can help you to design sofas, armchairs and footstools with specific solutions, dimensions and configurations that work for you and your family. From luxury upholstery fabrics and cushion fillings, to wood finishes and castors, read on to discover how you can customise your furniture to make it perfect for you and your home...

Popular Upholstery Fabrics:

All our furniture can be upholstered in any of our fabrics, so the first step is to find your favourite design. From smart plains, to timeless stripes, bold florals to sumptuous velvets, our extensive collection of upholstery fabrics spans every colour, style and scale you could wish for. Below are some of our most popular designs or shop our complete collection via the button...

Choosing Your Seat Cushion Fillings:

Feather & Foam WrapFeather & Foam Wrap

Luxe Feather Foam Wrap

A luxurious layer of upholstery foam wrapped in feathers combining firmness with a moulded support. Cushions hold their shape for longer and require occasional plumping. 

Feather & DownFeather & Down

Feather & Down

Moulding around you to provide a softer level of posture support, you sit 'in' rather than 'on' a feather & down filling. If plumped daily, they will give years of comfort.

Hollofibre CushionHollofibre Cushion


A man-made fibre offering firm posture support. Without quite the same moulding properies as feather, you will sit slightly higher. Cushions are to be turned regulary.

Dacron Wrapped FoamDacron Wrapped Foam

Dacron Wrapped Foam

This high-quality polyester fiber wrap provides a softer and rounder look. A very durable filling that will maintain its shape, cushions requires minimal maintenance.

Choosing Your Wood:

All our furniture starts life as carefully selected pieces of hardwood. Marked out and hand-cut using a template to ensure there is as little waste as possible, all exposed wood is then stained according to your chosen finish. With multiple hardwoods and stains to choose from, you can pick one that will help your new furniture to blend seamlessly into your home.

Solid Beech


Light Oak


Antique Brushed Oak

Light Walnut

Dark Brushed Walnut


Medium Oak


Solid Oak (Oil Finish)





Solid Oak (Polished Finish)

Natural Oak

Antique Oak

Customise Your Castor Colour:

For furniture that come with castors, these can also be customised in terms of style and finish to complement the upholstery fabric you have chosen. Another aspect to consider is matching it to any existing hardware that might already feature in your room. Made using the finest materials which are expertly crafted to endure, we are proud to build furniture that will last a lifetime, or longer...

Antique Brass



Customise Your Studs:

The joy of ordering bespoke furniture is that you can decide on even the smallest of details. Studs, or upholstery nails are both a functional and decorative detail that are added to sofas, armchairs, and stools. A traditional method of fastening down the material, studs also help to accentuate the shape and form of your furniture and provide a decorative trim.

Antique Brass

French Natural

Bright Brass



Love This Look...?

Although all our furniture is customisable, our specalist design team have created some stylish pieces that are ready to buy. So, if you love the fabric that they are upholstered in, and the design details that we've chosen, simply click on your favourite to add to your basket today!

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