Children's Books to Bring Back Memories

15th October 2019

Our team re-visit their youth and the childrens books that were their favourite bedtime stories to read. Here's the tales that sparked their imagination and remain highlights of their childhood.


The Blue Balloon by Mick Inkpen

This children's book tells the story of a boy and his dog, Kipper. They find a seemingly normal blue balloon that turns out to have amazing powers. Folding out the pages allows the reader see how it grows, changes colour, and lifts the protagonists high into the stratosphere. It's a sweet and fun read for nursery ages and school-starters.

What Heather says...

"This was one of my first favourite books, partly because I was desperate to have a dog of my own. It was also because it had a fun pull out section where the balloon grew – simple, but all you need when you are four years old! I haven’t yet introduced this book to my son but I know he loves interactive books so we will have to see what Santa brings him!"

A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett

This novel sees the daughter of a wealthy widower, Captain Crewe, send his daughter Sara back to England for boarding school. There she enjoys special treatment and luxurious gifts from her father. Despite this, Sara's goodhearted nature shines through even when nicknamed 'Princess'.

Whilst, her father is based in India he passes away after heavily investing in diamond mines, leaving Sara penniless. Now an orphaned pauper, she endures the headmistress' wrath over her unpaid bills after her particularly indulgent birthday party. Living in the attic she enters a life of servitude with a young handmaid and her imagination for company.

Sara's perseverance and surprising strength from a place of privilege to one of poverty has inspired young women for generations.

What Rose says...

"My favorite book from my childhood is A Little Princess. I enjoyed how the little girl's imagination kept her inspired, even through bad times. I also loved her interest in the exotic Indian stories she tells."

The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister

This book was originally written and illustrated by Swiss author, Marcus Pfister, it has since been translated, winning hearts far and wide. Yet, it's a simple story about putting your ego aside and sharing with others. The namesake lead fish learns that being beautiful and selfish doesn't make you happy. Instead he learns generosity and finds friendship.

What Alice says...

"Having always been a magpie for anything shiny, I was fascinated by the foil stamping as each page features these glittering scales. They were perfect for practising counting and numbers.

"As the rainbow fish learns that sharing what you have with others is a great way to make new friends, it gifts away its beautiful scales to other fish in order to make them happy. Alongside the beautiful watercolour artwork, this moralistic tale was a firm favourite at bedtime. It looks especially glittery from under the covers by torch light!"

The Magic Finger by Roald Dahl

A rural based eight-year-old girl is appalled to see her neighbours, the Greggs, return home with the spoils of their latest hunting endeavour. An altercation then ensues in which they prove to be unkind and thoughtless.

In a rage the heroine uses her magic finger on the family which sees them awake in a precarious state. They've shrunk and now have wings for arms. They are then ousted from their home by large ducks with arms.

The ducks then pick up the guns and the Greggs are threatened with their own behaviour being exacted upon them, giving them a new perspective. A typically Dahlian story with a sinister side for adults to enjoy.

What Serena says...

"Not one of Roald Dahl's most famous books, The Magic Finger spoke volumes to my younger cranky, animal lover self. The latter of those still being true, The Magic Finger is the children's book that remains dear to my heart.

"A young girl's ability to exact revenge with a life lesson, spurred on by her own well-won indignation had a profound imprint on my young psyche. Plus, there's plenty of whimsy and laughs to temper the larger plot.

"It's a shorter story than Dahl's usual and feels particularly fitting in this time where young people are finding their power and voice."

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