How to Use Large Scale Florals

23rd February 2021

Floral motifs have been adored for centuries. When it comes to scaling them up, however, many people hold back for fear of going overboard. Large floral patterns are unlike other designs such as trellises or damasks. They tend to feature a lot more detail, making them ideal for use on a larger scale. Find out how to super-size your florals with these handy tips…

Statement Floral Fabric and Wallpaper

To really do your design justice, give it the space it needs. A large sofa, feature wall, or sweeping door curtains are the best places to exhibit your large scale florals. All these uses will ensure the beauty of the large floral fabric or wallpaper can be fully admired. Unless the aim is the more is more interior design trend of maximalism, of course.

Neutral Large Scale Floral PrintNeutral Large Scale Floral Print
Decorative Floral FabricDecorative Floral Fabric
Japanese Floral WallpaperJapanese Floral Wallpaper

Fashion a Feature Wall

The most popular way to use large floral wallpaper is to create a feature wall. If extra height is needed, a climbing floral, in particular, is a good option.

People can be put off, however, by the idea that the design will become too intense over time. Counteract this by placing the wallpaper on a wall that you’re not going to see all the time. This may include a dining room.

Otherwise, use the design in your living room or bedroom but on a wall behind where you usually sit or sleep. This means you can still enjoy the striking nature of the motif when you enter the room but it won’t disturb your downtime. 

Traditional Pink FloralsTraditional Pink Florals
Light Pink Floral WallpaperLight Pink Floral Wallpaper

Consider Colour for Large Floral Patterns

When you think of floral fabrics and wallpapers, you may imagine overly-effeminate patterns in sickly sweet pink shades. Designers, however, are getting more creative than ever with the way they colour florals. Now, there’s a design to suit every colour palette.

Dark Blue Floral WallpaperDark Blue Floral Wallpaper
Orange Floral WallpaperOrange Floral Wallpaper

Create the Right Mood with Large Floral Patterns

Like many large patterns, the colour of your floral design is likely to have a huge impact on the atmosphere of a room. Harness this power to create the look you want.

Typically, floral patterns featuring a lot of lush green shades will leave you feeling refreshed and energised. Whilst, moody blue tones help to create a more intimate space.

Exotic Floral WallpaperExotic Floral Wallpaper
Blue and Gold WallpaperBlue and Gold Wallpaper

Tone it Down with Large Floral Patterns

If you want to utilise large scale florals in your home, but feel a bold colourway might be too much, consider opting for pastel shades, neutrals or even black and white. This look is popular in contemporary interiors or smaller spaces where a lot of colour on a large scale can easily become too much.

Yellow Wisteria WallpaperYellow Wisteria Wallpaper
Large Floral FabricsLarge Floral Fabrics

Balance Your Large Floral Patterns

Colours from a fabric or wallpaper are often picked out to create complementary accents. You can also do this with elements of the design itself.

If your large scale floral takes the form of curtains or a blind, consider repeating the motif on scatter cushions. Likewise, it can be used on the backs of occasional chairs. This will help to bring your large floral design into the room more naturally . It will hold your look together and create balance.

British Flowers FabricBritish Flowers Fabric
Red Floral FabricRed Floral Fabric

Do It with Home Accessories

Alternatively, you may want to use your large floral print solely on your accent pieces. Draw attention to a particular part of the room such as a stunning sofa or quirky lamp base. A bigger motif holds the gaze, a lampshadecushions or a rug, can prove just as eye-catching as a feature wall.

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